Parent Support

Parent Support

We at NISD, as stated by the National Science Teachers Association, believe that "the involvement of parents and other caregivers in their children's learning is crucial to their children's interest in and ability to learn science." Parents and other caregivers help stimulate the curiosity that is inherently present in children. Allowing your children to explore in positive and safe environments builds their capacity of understanding the world around them through exploration and discovery.

To nurture children's scientific curiosity, consider some of these strategies suggested by the National Science Teachers Association:

  • Encourage your children to observe, ask questions, experiment, tinker, and seek their own understandings of natural and human-made phenomena.
  • Foster children’s creative and critical thinking, problem solving, and resourcefulness through authentic tasks such as cooking, doing household chores, gardening, repairing a bike or other household object, planning a trip, and other everyday activities.
  • Provide frequent opportunities for science learning at home and in the community through outdoor play; participation in summer programs; or trips to parks, museums, zoos, nature centers, and other interesting science-rich sites in the community.
  • Provide your children easy access to science learning resources such as books, educational toys and games, videos/DVDs, and online or computer-based resources.
  • Join your children in learning new things about science and technology. Take advantage of not knowing all the answers to your children’s questions, and embrace opportunities to learn science together.

The above information was captured from the NSTA's Position Statement on Parent Involvement in Science Learning.  For the complete article which includes more ways to support your children's scientific learning, please visit their website:  NSTA's Position Statement on Parent Involvement in Science Learning

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