Instructional Expectations

Instructional Expectations

At NISD we are committed to student success through teaching, learning, creativity and innovation.  We do this every day through engaging students in purposeful utilization of technology resources and research-based, thorough creative instructional strategies which includes Workshop Model and Journals, 

These instructional strategies represent the standard expectations in NISD classrooms.  

Workshop Model:

The workshop model is a best practice that lasts the entire class period. The following format for workshop should be utilized during each class period.
The components of the workshop model include:

*Opening- to set the purpose and context for learning
*Work time - student exploration, practice and demonstration of learning
*Closing -  to solidify the learning
*Wrap Up - to provide purpose for the next lesson



Journaling/Critical Writing:

Journals/Notebooks should be used to record student thinking every day in the Science Classroom.  Secondary Science notebooks should function as an organizational tool that provides a record of learning through problem solving, scientific inquiry and critical writing.

Content desired in the journals:

  • Labs (including CER- Claim, Evidence, Reasoning)
  • Vocabulary
  • Notes
  • Reflections (what I understand & what I don't understand)
  • Data (gather, interpret, analyze)
  • Thinking Maps

Mechanics desired in the journals:

  • Organizational System
  • Student Progress Monitoring