403(b) & 457(b)

Supplemental retirement plans may be payroll deducted through Northwest ISD if the 403(b) companies are on the TRS list of Approved Carriers. JEM Resources administers the 403(b) program effective January 1, 2014. Current participants will receive the attached correspondence from JEM Resources detailing the new process. To review your account information please follow the following steps:

To make a 403(b) salary reduction election or a change online, please follow the instructions below:

1.Go to www.region10rams.org
2.Click on “Login” on the upper right side of the screen
3.Select the first letter of your Employer from the navigation bar
4.Click on your Employer from the list of Employers
5.If you are a current participant: (Actively contributing to the Plan)a.Click on Login
b.Enter your SSN (xxxxxxxxx)
c.Enter the last four digits of your SSN for the password (xxxx)

6. If you are a new participant: (Not contributing at the time of the transition)

a. Click on Register

b. Enter the Plan Password – Found on the Summary Plan Description

c. Enter your Social Security Number
7.If you have any problems, please call JEM Customer Service at (800) 943-9179
8.You will be able to view your account on the website effective January 1, 2014.


At this time the management of the 457(b) accounts is being transition from PARS to ESC Region 10 RAMS Program. All current participants have received the attached notice detailing the process for the transfer of assets. Effective July 1, 2014, participants may access the system and reallocate their funds. To assess the system:

a. Go to www.region10rams.org

b. Click on "Access to My Plan" at the top of page

c. Select your Employer from the navigation bar

d. Click on the "457" tab

e. Select "Plan Documents"

f. Click on "Investment Information"
If you have any questions or need further assistance regarding Supplemental Retirement Plans, contact the Benefits and Risk Management Department at 817-215-0096.