Scholarship Resources
Scholarship Resources

Scholarships are generally awarded by colleges, universities or other foundations that can be applied toward student educational needs.  Often awarded based on merits or achievements, scholarships do not have to be reimbursed.

Scams often surface whenever a process seems complicated or confusing. Students and parents too frequently become targets for scholarship companies that guarantee scholarships or help in applying for federal financial aid. These three articles provide accurate and reliable information about the financial aid process: "Can You Spot a Scholarship Scam?""Where the Scholarships Are""How to Apply for a Scholarship"     For additional help in avoiding scholarship scams, check out: Avoiding Scholarship Scams   and Federal Trade Commission: Scholarship Scams 

Start here to search for Scholarships:

1. (email your counselor for the username and password.)

2. (is a NEW and GREAT resource through Wells Fargo)


Additional Web Sites for Scholarship Information
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Specific Scholarships and Resources
Here are some specific scholarships to target.

Dell Scholars Program

Colleges with Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

National Merit Scholarship ProgramsPSAT/NMSQT Scholarship Qualifying Test 

AAUW Fellowships & Grants for Women

Military Scholarships
Higher education funds available to ROTC students and current military dependents.

Financial Aid for Military Careers

Texas Military and Veterans College Opportunities

Hazlewood Exemption for Veterans and Dependents