2017 Northwest ISD Legislative Priorities

Prior to each state legislative session, the Northwest ISD Board of Trustees and executive staff members develop new priorities for the district in support of its mission to provide students with the best education possible. With the 85th Legislative Session having begun on Jan. 10, 2017, trustees approved new legislative priorities prior to the session starting.

Key issues facing Northwest ISD and the state’s education system as a whole continue to revolve around the matter of public education funding. Northwest ISD will continue to oppose the impact of the “Robin Hood” law, which takes local taxpayer money from districts deemed wealthy and distributes it to other school districts. Additionally, Northwest ISD will also continue to request Texas lawmakers provide reasonable state funding to all school districts and protect the promise of Additional State Aid for Tax Reduction. ASATR was put in place during the 79th Legislative Session to ensure school districts did not fall below a set amount of funding when state lawmakers forced all Texas school districts to cut taxes used to fund educational services.

Northwest ISD also strongly opposes any measures that take public school funding away from public schools. Public schools have public accountability and standards that are not in place at private or charter schools.

From an educational services perspective, one of the key issues facing the state of Texas is the expansion of pre-kindergarten. Full funding of pre-K is not currently provided to all Texas students. State-mandated testing is another major issue still facing Texas schools. State lawmakers have indicated they intend to increase the number of end-of-course exams required for graduation purposes, and they continue to push STAAR exams that the Texas Association of School Administrators believe should be restructured.