Student Devices
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Student Devices

Click here to purchase the student device maintenance plan for the current school year.

Northwest ISD understands the value of technology in the classroom as a means to elevate teaching and learning. Access to a world of information, resources, and creative potential helps our students be future ready. It is an expectation that all students come to school with a charged device every day. Students can choose to utilize a district issued device or their own personal computing device. Please review the Guidelines for Responsible Use of Technology for all NISD students.
District Issued Devices

All Northwest ISD students have access to a Dell Chromebook as their district issued device. Secondary students are allowed to take the devices home during their enrollment at Northwest ISD and Elementary Chromebooks are stored in classrooms at the student's campus. Northwest ISD has joined over half of the K-12 market in the U.S. that is currently using Chromebooks as their primary learning device. The operating system is designed to create a secure experience for our students. This device exceeds the Northwest ISD Student Device Standards and we are excited about the opportunities this creates for our learners. Please visit Being Successful in a 1:1 Environment and the 1:World Youtube Chromebook channel for more information. 

Bring Your Own Device

If students choose to forego the district issued device, they can utilize  their own personal computing device as long as it follows the BYOD Guidelines. While we recognize cell phones are often used in the learning environment, they are a supplemental device and should not be the students primary educational device. For information on how to connect your BYOD devices to the network, click here

Wireless Access

Northwest ISD students will utilize the district's filtered internet. Whether they choose to utilize the district issued device or bring their own, the filtering system in Northwest ISD exceeds the requirements of Children's Internet Protection Act. Please note the district filter follows the district owned devices whether they are on campus or connected to another network. For example, when in any district building or at home, the district issued device is subject to the district's filtering policies. For information on filtering non-district owned devices at home, please visit the 1:World site for more information..  

YouTube in restricted mode is available in NISD students for instructional purposes. Restricted mode means that the videos the students are able to view have been deemed from YouTube as appropriate or educational and ones that Northwest ISD staff have approved. Other videos are blocked. It is important to remember to monitor students and be aware that administrators are able to see every video that a student views and every webpage visit. 

Permission and Fees for Secondary Students

Northwest ISD students in 6th through 12th grades have the opportunity to receive a district issued device. Students will keep the same device throughout the student's enrollment in Northwest ISD or until issued a replacement device. For a device to be issued to a student, the district's Responsible Use Policy and Device Usage Agreement must be agreed to during the online enrollment process. The student is responsible for any fees associated with a lost or damaged device. 

In order to offset this cost, students have the option to purchase an annual maintenance plan each year for $25. Students on the free and reduced lunch program will have the maintenance plan fee waived at checkout. If you feel you should receive this discount, but the price is not automatically adjusted please contact your campus administrator.

This plan must be purchased within 30 days the first day of school. For students that enroll during the school year the plan must be purchased within 30 days of the student's enrollment. The plan covers the device from the first day of the current school year until the first day of the next school year and starts immediately upon purchase. The optional yearly maintenance plan pays one-half the cost of a covered repair.  For more information about what the optional plan covers, see more details below. 

To purchase this plan parents/guardians will log into NISD's online payment portal.


If a device is broken, the student should first go to the "tech room" at their home campus where the technician will trouble shoot or assess damages. The fee will be entered into the system and fines will be reflected in NISD's payment portal within 24 hours. The student can then pay online or pay the campus cashier in the front office. If the student's fees are under $100 dollars, the student may get a replacement devices immediately. Students with a balance of $100 dollars or more will not be issued a replacement device until their balance is below $100 dollars. (Our online payment portal does not allow partial payments. If you need to make a partial payment to get the balance under $100 dollars, you can do so in person at any NISD campus using cash, personal check, or credit card with the front office.)

If a device is lost, the technician will assist students in finding their devices by providing them with a reflective form to fill out and use digital tracking to help locate the device, if possible. In the event a device is not found, the student will be charged for a total loss, if the device is found after payment has already been made, a refund will be issued minus the cost of any damage.

If a device is stolen, the student must obtain a local police report and submit a copy to the campus technician before a new device will be issued, unless otherwise authorized by the campus principal. An official police report is required within 48 hours of reporting a theft. 

Northwest ISD Student Device Optional Maintenance

If purchased, the annual maintenance plan covers 50% of accidental damage, theft, loss, fire, water damage or vandalism. Damage estimates will be paid based on the table below and are subject to change: 

Table 1.1

Cost with Maintenance  Cost without maintenance                                
Broken Screen       $50.00  $100.00
Keyboard  $20.00  $40.00  
Power Adapter  and Cord   $30.00  $60.00
Hinges  $40.00  $80.00
Total Loss   $137.50  $275.00

Account Information

To view account information such as fees, balance, and devices that are checked out to your child, access the online payment portal. For questions regarding student fines, please contact the campus assistant principal. Please contact your campus or view the campus web page for contact information.