Required Online Trainings

NISD 2016-2017 Annual Required Training

2016-2017 Required Online Trainings

TO: Teachers and staff members

Certain trainings for staff members are an annual requirement. In an effort to have employees well informed and to have them have the ability to access staff development during the summer, the district has provided Annual Required Training eCourses.  These courses are located in Eduphoria under the tab “eCourses.”

The link at the top is an updated copy of the Annual Required Trainings that all staff members will be a  part of.  The form has been updated for ease of use at the campus level.


  • Employees can now sign off directly on the form when they have viewed the required trainings.  
  • Employees DO NOT have to turn in multiple certificates to you.
  • In addition, I have left a couple of blanks at the bottom of the form in case you would like for your staff to sign off on campus handbooks, or any other documents.
  • Employees will turn in their sheet to whomever does their evaluations by September 23,2016.  You have the discretion to allow extensions. This will ensure that all employees have completed the necessary training.

Please note that employees new to our district must complete the Child Abuse and Sexual Abuse and the Suicide Prevention Plan Review trainings BEFORE the first day of school.  All other employees will need to complete the trainings by September 23rd.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Paula Taylor at 817-215-0021 or Suzie McNeese at 817-215-0982


Directions for Annual Required Training Access

1.) Go to Eduphoria Workshop.

2.) Select the Annual Required Training icon.

3.) Select the appropriate course title (i.e., "Annual Required Training for Teachers and Professional  Certified Support Staff").

4.) Click Register.  

5.) Now at the top of the course screen, you will see some tabs: Course Overview, Course Content,  Instructor Notes, and will need to click on the Course Content tab.

6.) Once in Course Content, select View for each Chapter topic of required training

7.) A new window will View Topic Files in the left top corner  

8.) Select the training module denoted by a blue paperclip and view the presentation. (If you get a popup blocker while accessing materials...right click the top bar to allow the download.)

9.) You may then close out the screen for that Chapter, and a checkmark will appear on the Chapter icon  or you can advance to the next training topic using the blue directional arrows at the top right of your  screen.

10.) Once completed with all chapters you should see a green check mark by each chapter reviewed.   You may Request Credit at the top of the screen.  If you do not have an option to Request Credit, verify that each chapter has been viewed and has a green check mark.