Credit by Examination (CBE) Recovery

Credit Recovery


Credit by Examination WITH Prior Instruction

Credit by examination (CBE) is available for students in grades 9 - 12 who have lost credit in courses approved by the board of trustees (Board Policy EHDB LEGAL/LOCAL).

1. Students must have had prior formal instruction to be eligible for this CBE.

2. Examinations that are used for credit by examination purposes must be approved by the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction or the designee.

3. For a student to receive credit by examination with prior instruction, the student must correctly answer 70% of the items on the test instrument.

4. CBE shall not be used to gain eligibility for participation in extracurricular activities. A campus principal, counselor, and/or attendance review committee may offer a student with excessive absences an opportunity to earn credit for a course by passing a CBE. In these instances, the passing standard of 70% (see #3) shall apply.

5. High school students should contact their counselor for additional information.

6. Preregistration and parental approval is required.

7. Grades earned through CBE are not included in the GPA ranking. Board Policy EIC (LEGAL/LOCAL).

8. There is a Fee for this testing to be paid by the parents/students. After completing the online application, you may go to the districts online payment system In-Touch to process your payment.  If you would like to pay by cash or check, print out your confirmation email from registration and take this to your school counseling office to pay for the testing.  Testing cost $25.00 per test, per semester. (Ex. If you are testing for English 3 for both semesters, it will cost $50.00)

 Credit Recovery Online Application


​CBE Scheduled Testing Dates



October 2019: 
Saturday 12th
Monday, 14th (student holiday)
Saturday, 19th
September 27th (noon) *

NISD Administration Building
February 2020:
Saturday, 15th
Saturday, 22nd
Saturday, 29th
 January 31st (noon) * NISD Administration Building 
May 2020:
Wednesday, 27th
Thursday, 28th
Friday, 29th
 May 13th (noon) *
 Steele Accelerated High School
 July 2020:
Tuesday, July 14th
Wednesday, July 15th
Thursday, July 16th 
  June 24th (noon) *  Steele Accelerated High School

*no exceptions - no registration will be accepted with a timestamp after 12 pm* 

Testing Information:
* Testing begins at 8:30 am each day at the location listed above.
* Each test is allotted a maximum of 3 hours, when your student is complete, they may leave
* Snack/Water allowed in testing room
* NISD supplies all needed testing requirements

Exams and grading are conducted by Texas Tech University.

For information about the tests, review details and Pre-Exam assignments, please visit
 Texas Tech University.

Please take time to review these requirements and testing helps. The maximum time allotted for each subject area tested is three hours. Students are allowed a maximum of two/three exams per day.

Please contact your counselor with any questions or concerns with your credit recovery.