Credit by Examination - Math Acceleration ONLY


Elementary Math Acceleration
- Please see these guidelines for elementary math only testing. 

Middle School Math Acceleration
Without Prior Instruction, (Grades 6-7)

Middle school students have the opportunity to accelerate in mathematics through a locally developed and locally assessed credit-by-exam (CBE) test. When student chooses to move from On Level to Advanced/Pre-AP a CBE is required because they have not received instruction on some grade level standards due the condensed curriculum in Advanced/Pre-AP math courses. Students who wish to accelerate an entire grade level of math without prior instruction will be required to score a minimum of 80% on the CBE.

Although there is no study guide, parents/learners may access the Texas Education Agency's website to view the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) covered in the exams.

The table below explains who is required to take a CBE and what TEKS will be tested in each situation.

On Level MS 

Ad Level MS 
 Double Adv MS


CBE Scheduled Dates



June 2020: (Date Change from May)
Wednesday, 10th
Thursday, 11th
Saturday, 13th
 May 20th (Noon) *  Steele Accelerated High School
July 2020:
Tuesday, 14th


Saturday, 18th
 June 24th (noon) *
Registration will open June 15th
Steele Accelerated High School

Saturday is at Northwest High School

*no exceptions - no registration will be accepted with a timestamp after 12 pm* 

Testing Information

Due to the COVID-19, there will be some new public health guidelines to follow for the CBE testing.
Please understand this is for your students and everyone's safety. 

  • There are two testing sessions per day, 8:30 am and 1:00 pm.

  • On the application you can select the testing day and time.

  • There is limited seating per day, per time session (no more than 10 students in each room)

  • If the day/time session is full, the parent will be contacted and asked to move to another day/time in June or July testing day/time of choice.

  • Each test is allotted a maximum of 3 hours, when your student is complete, they may leave.

  • Students are ONLY allowed to bring calculator (secondary only) and a cell phone.

  • NISD will provide ALL supplies.  No student will bring anything into building except items stated above.

  • Parents will be asked to drop students off, we will have a car-line drop off. Due to limited space and CDC recommendations regarding public gatherings, parents will not be allowed to wait in the building.  Parents can wait in their cars or leave and come back.  We will verify all contact numbers when students are checked in at drop off. If your student does not have a cell phone, we will contact you when your student is complete.


You will receive a detail Testing Information letter after you have registered your student. 

PLEASE NOTE: Northwest ISD will not offer examinations for credit on dates other than the scheduled dates. There is no charge for the tests given on the scheduled dates. The district is not obligated to provide study guides or textbooks for students to prepare for the examination. All tests are in English. Credit/Acceleration by examination cannot be used to raise a passing grade. 

CBE Application