Duke TIP

Duke TIP

What is Duke TIP?

Duke TIP is a nonprofit organization devoted to meeting the academic and social needs of gifted students.   Having met the criteria, students can enroll in Duke TIP anytime between 4th and 10th grade.  Services extend through a student's 12th grade year.

Students who enroll have multiple opportunities that allow them to realize their potential through a variety of programs. The different programs focus on both the academic and social needs of children, giving them the chance to explore their interests and talents. 

Opportunities include:

  • Advice for parents and educators on how to nurture academic talent, including The Digest of Gifted Research (DGR) and our online Educational Opportunity Guide. 
  • Online activities like advanced writing, math, science, and social studies lessons plus a book club that gives students a chance to connect with peers who share their love of reading.
  • Customized publications, including a newsletter just for 4th–6th Grade Talent Search participants. 
  • A writing contest that awards monetary prizes plus other opportunities for publication.
  • Recognition for academic achievement such as certificates of achievement, guidance for schools recognizing TIP participants, and special ceremonies.
  • Summer Studies, eInvestigators, eStudies, and Weekend Programs

Additionally, TIPsters in 4th - 6th grade can register to take the PSAT 8/9.  7th & 8th graders can take either the SAT or ACT.  There are a couple of advantages to students taking these tests.  For one, it gives students exposure to the test before they would normally take it, giving them the  experience of a college readiness test without the pressure of having to do well for the admissions process.  Taking one of  these tests also allows you to see how your student performs on an above-grade level test. 

To learn more about Duke TIP, visit https://tip.duke.edu/.

In addition to the opportunities Duke TIP offers, Northwest ISD also offers summer programming.  The summer following their 7th and 8th grade years, TIPsters are invited to a two week summer program.  The program focuses on college readiness activities like SAT practice, as well as activities that encourage innovation and creativity through Invention Project.  Invitations to attend are sent out in early March.