Elementary Music
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Northwest ISD is proud to offer a rigorous music program to every elementary student in the district. Students receive musical instruction each week in grades K-5 in the areas of music reading, audiating, rhythm, tone, singing and instruments.
Elementary music students routinely perform in school musicals, choir concerts, community events and PTA meetings. NISD offers a blended curriculum that embraces the philosophy of Kodaly, Orff, and Feirerabend. Students learn to read and perform music from a variety of genres.

For many elementary students, music class is the highlight of their day because it is a fun environment that fosters individual creativity as well as team work.
For fifth grade students seeking an advanced enrichment to their elementary music studies, we offer participation in the Northwest Children's Chorus. 

Elementary Music/Choir Staff

Samuel Beck - Roel Garza
Berkshire - Kristen Sotero
Cox -Drew Bradley
Curtis - Shelley Veer
Kay Granger - Karina Server
W.R. Hatfield -Naoko Harada
J. Lyndal Hughes -Kylie Probst
Lakeview -Monica Adams
Lance Thompson - Kayla Gentry
Clara Love -Amberly Sneed
Sonny & Allegra Nance -Courtney Anderson
O.A. Peterson - Mackenzie Probst
Prairie View -Marie Nassiff
Roanoke -Erin Pitts
Schluter -Linda Morris
Sendera Ranch - Sophia Cox
Seven Hills -Tiffany Howe
JC Thompson - Stephanie McDonald