High Schools

 High School Counselors and Student Service Facilitators


Last Name First Name Campus Alpha
Phone Number
Smith (Lead Counselor Paige Byron Nelson A-Bic psmith04@nisdtx.org 817-698-5689    
Berry Leah Byron Nelson Bid-Dos lberry@nisdtx.org 817-698-5794
Nobles Shannon Byron Nelson Dot-Hon Snobles@nisdtx.org 817-698-5674
Martinez Jennifer Byron Nelson Hoo-Maq Jmartinez@nisdtx.org 817-698-5741
Shipman Emily Byron Nelson Mar-Ph emily.shipman@nisdtx.org 817-698-5847
Chavez Monique Byron Nelson Sp-Z rhoda.chavez@nisdtx.org 817-698-5711
Laney  Ryan Byron Nelson Intervention Counselor ryan.laney@nisdtx.org  817-698-5712
Chancelor Cheryl Byron Nelson Student Services Facilitator cchancelor@nisdtx.org 817-698-5735 
Jackson (Lead Counselor) Shana Eaton A-Bl shana.jackson@nisdtx.org 817-698-7312
Southerland  Marcela Eaton Bo-E msoutherland@nisdtx.org 817-698-7305 
Porter  Patricia Eaton F-Ji pporter@nisdtx.org 817-698-7313
Scanlon  Abby Eaton Jo-Mor abby.scanlon@nisdtx.org 817-698-3990
Arnold  Michelle Eaton Mos-Shi michelle.arnold@nisdtx.org 817-698-5972
Kelley  Rebecca Eaton Sho-Z rkelley@nisdtx.org 817-698-7314
Wilson  Noel Eaton Intervention Counselor crystal.wilson@nisdtx.org  817-698-7327
Sauls Amanda Eaton Student Services Facilitator amanda.sauls@nisdtx.org 817-698-5096
Stueart  Trista Northwest De-Ja trista.stueart@nisdtx.org 817-215-0209
Ward  Amber Northwest Jb-Ov award@nisdtx.org 817-698-1280
Tremethick  Keith Northwest Ow-Th ktremethick@nisdtx.org 817-215-0317
Eddleman (Lead Counselor  Natalie Northwest
neddleman@nisdtx.org 817-698-1325
Bermea  Daniela Northwest Intervention Counselor daniela.bermea@nisdtx.org  817-698-1066
Waters  Allena Northwest Student Services Facilitator awaters@nisdtx.org 817-698-1265
Davis Sheneka Steele Accelerated
sdavis01@nisdtx.org 817-698-5810 
Myers  Irene Special Programs Center/At Risk   imyers@nisdtx.org 817-215-0162 
Walker Rachel District Truancy Intervention Counselor  naomi.r.walker@nisdtx.org  817-698-1322


Guidance and Counseling Program

The high school counselors help students learn skills to succeed in school

and life through the guidance curriculum activities:

  • Self-esteem
  • Motivation to achieve
  • Decision-making skills
  • Goal-setting skills
  • Interpersonal effectiveness
  • Communication skills
  • Cross-cultural effectiveness
  • Responsible behavior

What do high school counselors do?

Promote success for all students through:

  • Presentations
  • Small group counseling
  • Individual interactions
  • Crisis counseling
  • Class scheduling, and schedule changes
  • Assist concerned parents
  • Assist teachers
  • Provide community referrals
  • Parent Education

Who sees the counselor?

  • Students
  • Parents
  • Teachers


Students may request to see the counselor, or be referred by parents, teachers, or school administrators. Parents may call to set-up an appointment.


Planning for your child's future

In Northwest ISD, we believe it is important to begin planning for your child's future

at a young age. Below are some helpful links which can aid in this planning process.


Helpful District Links


Helpful Community Resources


Important Dates