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Requirements for Approval of Foreign Exchange Students

  1. Northwest ISD has completed a state expedited waiver for allowance/limitation of a maximum of 6 Foreign Exchange Students per high school. The Associate Principal at each high school is the contact person for Foreign Exchange Student Applications.

    Kara Lea Deardorff
    Byron Nelson High School

    Stacy Miles
    Eaton High School

    Winston McCowan
    Northwest High School

  2. A Foreign Exchange Program Application must be completed by the sponsoring agency and the student prior to August 20th each school year. Applications for the sponsoring agency will be accepted on an annual basis. No application for a sponsoring agency shall be approved after the August 20th deadline for annual enrollment of the current school year. (i.e., the agency goes through the approval process once per year.) Agencies may begin applying for foreign exchange placement in May each year. Foreign exchange enrollment will be May 1 – August 20 each school year.

  3. Upon receiving an application, the Associate Principal must make sure the application has met all requirements, including the following required documentation:

    a. The sponsoring organization is registered and approved as an accredited agency and is SEVIS (the Student Exchange and Visitor Information System) compliant.
    b. The sponsoring organization must be private, not for profit programs sponsors.
    c. Sponsoring agency must be listed on the CSIET website as an approved organization with Full Listing status.
    d. NISD must receive signed Foreign Exchange Program Compliance Documentation.
    e. The student must have adequate English language proficiency as documented by the agency.
    f. The agency must provide student academic records and a translated transcript.
    g. The agency must provide the number of school years completed by the student prior to arrival, and in addition, the number of years required in their home country for compulsory completion.
    h. NISD must ensure only J-1 certified students are considered for enrollment (only J-1 certified students can be considered)
    i. NISD must ensure the host family lives within the lawful boundaries of the servicing NISD campus.

  4. Once the Associate Principal has reviewed the completed portfolio, they will scan the completed application packet to the Executive Director of Secondary Education for approval signatures.

  5. The agency will receive approval after all documentation has been signed and returned to campus.