Credit By Examination (CBE)
Credit by Examination

Parental Approval/Student Application


This application is for students desiring to accelerate a course or complete grade level for transcript credit.

This is not for Math Acceleration, please see other application for this testing process.


Form must be completed prior to the deadline date posted on website. 


1. Date of Birth*



2. Student First Name*


3. Student Last Name *


4. Student ID #*



5. Please select the racial catergory or categories with which you most closely identify. (this may be more than one)


American Indian or Alaska Native


Black or African American

Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander



6. Parent/Guardian Name*



7. Parent/Guardian Daytime Phone*


8. Email Address*  (all communication will go through this email, testing information and scores)


Testing Information

9. Grade Level Currently Enrolled:*


10. Campus:*



11. Student's Counselor Name:*



12. Testing Date:   Student may need more than one day to test if taking multiple tests.

                  Elementary students are only allowed to take 2 tests a day

                  Secondary students are only allowed up to 3 tests a day


 Saturday, October 6, 2018

 Monday, October 8, 2018

 Saturday, October 13, 2018



13. Testing on one course or complete grade level?*

One Course

Complete Grade Level



Courses to Test

If student desires to advance a complete grade level:  Elementary students (grades 1 – 5), will take a total of four tests. Secondary students (grades 6 – 12) will take two tests for each course in which they are testing. Secondary students wishing to advance a grade level will take eight tests. If you are desiring to test for both semester for a course, be sure to select all boxes that apply. 
14. Subjects to Accelerate:*
Select at least 1 and no more than 10.
High School Courses:
English 1 (A - First Semester)
English 1 (B - Second Semester)
English 2 (A - First Semester)
English 2 (B - Second Semester)
English 3 (A - First Semester)
English 3 (B - Second Semester)
English 4 (A - First Semester)
English 4 (B - Second Semester)
Algebra 1 (A - First Semester)
Algebra 1 (B - Second Semester)
Algebra 2 (A - First Semester)
Algebra 2 (B - Second Semester)
Geometry (A - First Semester)
Geometry (B - Second Semester)
Pre Calculus (A - First Semester)
Pre Calculus (B - Second Semester)
Biology (A- First Semester)
Biology (B- Second Semester)
Chemistry (A - First Semester)
Chemistry (B - Second Semester)
Environmental Systems (A - First Semester)
Environmental Systems (B - Second Semester)
Integrated Physics and Chemistry-IPC (A - First Semester)
Integrated Physics and Chemistry-IPC (B - Second Semester)
Physics (A - First Semester)
Physics (B - Second Semester)
US History (A- First Semester)
US History (B - Second Semester)
World Geography (A - First Semester)
World Geography (B - Second Semester)
World History (A - First Semester)
World History (B - Second Semester)
Math Models (A -First Semester)
Math Models (B- Second Semester)
Other, please specify
Middle School Courses:
English 6th - 8th grade (A- First Semester)
English 6th - 8th grade (B- Second Semester)
Social Studies 6th - 8th grade (A-First Semester)
Social Studies 6th - 8th grade (B-Second Semester)
Math 6th - 8th grade (A-First Semester)
Math 6th - 8th grade (B- Second Semester)
Science 6th - 8th grade (A-First Semester)
Science 6th - 8th grade (B-Second Semester)
Other, please specify
Elementary School Courses:
English (K-5)
Science (K-5)
Social Studies (K-5)
Math (K-5)
Other, please specify


By signing this form, I attest that:
1. Student has not received prior instruction in the course or grade for which I am requesting a test.
2. I have read the information the District has provided to me regarding examinations for acceleration
3. I understand that the District will not provide transportation to the testing site, which might be outside of the District, and
4. I approve of my child's acceleration or receipt of credit if he or she meets the passing standard (if applicable).


15. Parents approval to above statement.*
16. Student signature (if student is 18 or older):
17. Parent signature:*

18. Date*


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