Credit By Examination (CBE)
Credit by Examination

Parental Approval/Student Application


This application is for students desiring to accelerate a course or complete grade level for transcript credit.

This is not for Math Acceleration, please see other application for this process on this link for MATH acceleration only application:


Form must be completed prior to the deadline date posted on website. 


1. Date of Birth*



2. Student First Name*


3. Student Last Name *


4. Student ID #*



5. Parent/Guardian Name*



6. Parent/Guardian Daytime Phone*


7. Email Address*


Testing Information

8. Grade Level Currently Enrolled:*


8. Campus:*



9. Student's Counselor Name:*



10. Testing Date:   Student may need more than one day to test if taking multiple tests.

                  Elementary students are only allowed to take 2 tests a day

                  Secondary students are only allowed up to 3 tests a day

Tuesday, June 5, 2018
Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Thursday, June 7, 2018



11. Testing on one course or complete grade level?*

One Course

Complete Grade Level



Courses to Test

If student desires to advance a complete grade level:  Elementary students (grades 1 – 5), will take a total of four tests. Secondary students (grades 6 – 12) will take two tests for each course in which they are testing. Secondary students wishing to advance a grade level will take eight tests. If you are desiring to test for both semester for a course, be sure to select all boxes that apply. 
12. Subjects to Accelerate:*
Select at least 1 and no more than 10.
High School Courses:
English 1 (A - First Semester)
English 1 (B - Second Semester)
English 2 (A - First Semester)
English 2 (B - Second Semester)
English 3 (A - First Semester)
English 3 (B - Second Semester)
English 4 (A - First Semester)
English 4 (B - Second Semester)
Algebra 1 (A - First Semester)
Algebra 1 (B - Second Semester)
Algebra 2 (A - First Semester)
Algebra 2 (B - Second Semester)
Geometry (A - First Semester)
Geometry (B - Second Semester)
Pre Calculus (A - First Semester)
Pre Calculus (B - Second Semester)
Biology (A- First Semester)
Biology (B- Second Semester)
Chemistry (A - First Semester)
Chemistry (B - Second Semester)
Environmental Systems (A - First Semester)
Environmental Systems (B - Second Semester)
Integrated Physics and Chemistry-IPC (A - First Semester)
Integrated Physics and Chemistry-IPC (B - Second Semester)
Physics (A - First Semester)
Physics (B - Second Semester)
US History (A- First Semester)
US History (B - Second Semester)
World Geography (A - First Semester)
World Geography (B - Second Semester)
World History (A - First Semester)
World History (B - Second Semester)
Math Models (A -First Semester)
Math Models (B- Second Semester)
Other, please specify
Middle School Courses:
English 6th - 8th grade (A- First Semester)
English 6th - 8th grade (B- Second Semester)
Social Studies 6th - 8th grade (A-First Semester)
Social Studies 6th - 8th grade (B-Second Semester)
Math 6th - 8th grade (A-First Semester)
Math 6th - 8th grade (B- Second Semester)
Science 6th - 8th grade (A-First Semester)
Science 6th - 8th grade (B-Second Semester)
Other, please specify
Elementary School Courses:
English (K-5)
Science (K-5)
Social Studies (K-5)
Math (K-5)
Other, please specify


By signing this form, I attest that:
1. Student has not received prior instruction in the course or grade for which I am requesting a test.
2. I have read the information the District has provided to me regarding examinations for acceleration
3. I understand that the District will not provide transportation to the testing site, which might be outside of the District, and
4. I approve of my child's acceleration or receipt of credit if he or she meets the passing standard (if applicable).


13. Parents approval to above statement.*
14. Student signature (if student is 18 or older):
15. Parent signature:*

16. Date*


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