About NEF

About the Northwest ISD Education Foundation

The Northwest ISD Education Foundation has partnerships with businesses across the Dallas-Fort Worth region. As the third fastest-growing school district in the region, Northwest ISD has more than 23,000 students enrolled, and is estimated to continue growing at a pace greater than 1,200 new students per year. When the district is built out, it is anticipated more than 90,000 students will be enrolled in Northwest ISD.

Northwest ISD serves families in 14 different communities, spanning 234 square miles and parts of three counties (Denton, Tarrant and Wise). The district operates three comprehensive high schools, an accelerated high school, five middle schools, 17 elementary schools, a special programs center and a youth residential program. Our foundation’s goal is to provide resources to enable students and teachers to work at their highest potential, rewarding those teachers for their innovative efforts and exemplary teaching. 

Quality schools are essential to the strength and advancement of a community. Involving the community in these efforts assures a quality education for leaders and workers of tomorrow. An important goal of the foundation is to form strong partnerships with leaders in the Northwest community. A partnership greatly enhances the quality of education in schools by bringing the talents and resources of the business community into the classroom. Each partnership is based on the needs of the school and the resources of the partnering organization. 

There are no limits to what can be achieved in a partnership with the Northwest ISD Education Foundation!

What is involved in a partnership:

  • Donate funds to support innovative teaching grants and scholarships
  • Supply resources or funds for District activities through the foundation
  • Sponsor activities that encourage students and enrich their educational experience
  • Assist in the planning and fundraising of the Northwest Heritage Gala and the NEF Legends Golf Tournament.

For more information about getting involved with the Northwest ISD Education Foundation, contact us!

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