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Teaching Grants

The Northwest ISD Education Foundation takes pride in providing Teaching Grants to hard working educators in our district, looking to open new doors for their students! To date, NEF has funded more than $1.8 million in grants.


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Congratulations to the 2020-21 Teaching Grant Recipients! 

In the 2010-21 school year, thanks to the generosity of our donors, NEF awarded 28 teaching grants across 17 campuses totaling more than $61,000. 

For the first time ever, NEF also awarded a $45,000
NISD all campus grant. All thirty campuses received a $1,500 grant to support instruction in the classroom! Click here to watch a grant brigade recap and special presentation with NISD Superintendent Dr. Warren.

We are grateful for our grant reading committee, volunteers and donors who made this year's grant brigade such a success. Special thanks to FastSigns at Alliance for printing all of our grant recipient checks. 


Drums for Diversity – Granger Elementary, $1,071.93
Sponsored by: Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Alliance

Granger Elementary has students coming from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures yet, many of their students have not had the opportunity to explore cultures other than those most easily accessible to them. Frame drums provide an innovative and culturally rich pathway that is highly engaging for students. The drums build connections between students and African and Middle Eastern cultures. The grant funds 25 16" Thinline Remo Drums.

We All Scream for Green Screens! – Granger Elementary, $579.50
Sponsored by: Tri-County Electric

We All Scream for Green Screens provides ten green screens for Granger Elementary. By incorporating the use of green screens into classrooms, teachers will be able to provide students with the tools to learn basic videography techniques to enhance their digital products. Access to green screens in the classroom will enable students to create video products to not only showcase their learning but also inspire and motivate others. In addition to classroom use, these screens may be utilized for video announcements and by student leaders such as student council members when making videos to advertise special programs, service projects, and school activities. Through the use of green screens and WeVideo, students will have the ability to create engaging videos that will not only inform but embolden and captivate the interest of the campus community.

Diverse Classroom Libraries – Cox Elementary, $1,341.69
Sponsored by: CoServ

In the first grade classrooms at Cox Elementary, each classroom has a personal library with books that are read aloud to students. Many of these books are purchased with the teachers personal money and each classroom differs on the books available. This grant provides resources to make the classroom libraries as diverse as their student and staff population. Teachers want their students to be able to see themselves in these books, but also see other cultures as well. This grant purchases 32 culturally diverse books for all seven first grade classrooms at this campus.

Here Comes the Sun: Outdoor Learning for Everyone – Cox Elementary, $3,972.65
Sponsored by: CoServ Charitable Foundation

The goal of this grant is to add an outdoor learning center to the campus courtyard so that students will have an opportunity to connect curriculum to the environment and build a community of learners. An outdoor setting will be a "breath of fresh air" to motivate and enrich the students' learning. The funds purchase two picnic tables, as well as science, sensory and kinesthetic resources for outdoor learning, investigation and exploration.

Bringing History to Life: Using AR Technology to Learn About Historical Figures – Granger Elementary, $1,426.64
Sponsored by: CoServ Charitable Foundation

With this grant, students will engage with history through technology in an innovative and exciting project that allows them to experience history in the palm of their hands. Through the use of Merge Cubes, students will create 3D objects of historical figures and historical artifacts. The funds purchase 8 Merge Cubes, 2 iPads, and a collection of current biographies for the school library to support student learning.

Work Hard and Enjoy It! High School Intramural Program – Steele Accelerated High School, $2,630.95
Sponsored by: NEF Employee Giving Campaign

Steele Accelerated High School is an NISD campus without any athletics program so this grant provides the resources for students to participate in friendly games and competitions through an intramural program. This will help teachers and staff engage students beyond their academics. Intramural programs include volleyball, dodgeball, ping pong, basketball and cornhole.

Little Hands Big Discoveries – Haslet Elementary, $976.53
Sponsored by: CoServ Charitable Foundation

Little Hands Big Discoveries targets the young child's natural curiosity in the world around them. Children's interest in nature supports the development of their social and emotional, intellectual and physical domains. This grant funds discovery resources to develop a "discovery center" to target science concepts with Pre-K students. The center will be used daily and materials are rotated based on current science concepts taught in the classroom.

Kids on Cougar News: Student-Led Morning Announcements – Hatfield Elementary, $785.95
Sponsored by: Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Alliance

During remote learning, the students at Hatfield Elementary got to watch their Principals deliver the Morning Announcements through pre-recorded videos. They loved getting to see their administrators, hear about the events coming their way, and, of course, laugh at the Joke of the Day. Now that most students are back in schools, the most practical way to receive the Morning Announcements is over the PA system. As with many of our routines, the COVID-19 school closure has shown us that technology can do way more than we ever imagined. So why go back to the old ways? Let's push into these new realizations and give students leadership opportunities at the same time. Kids on Cougar News: Student-Led Morning Announcements is an initiative designed to give students practice with confidence, public speaking, reading, creativity, and technology by allowing them to direct, film, star in, and stream the Morning Announcements for their school. Funds purchase an iPad, Live Broadcasting App, an iPad stand, two microphones and two soft boxes for lighting.

The Greatest Glowcase – Clara Love Elementary, $4,314.10
Sponsored by: Huckabee

All art teachers know displaying student art is important. Putting art on display is beneficial for the art program, school culture, and the community at large. A glowcase can be created when students use fluorescent art supplies and those supplies react with black lights as neon materials contain phosphors. This grant provides art supplies and lighting necessary to establish and sustain a unique art show for students, parents and staff alike. The annual glow gallery (appropriately named "The Greatest Glowcase") will be held annually during curriculum night at Clara Love Elementary.

Ready, Create, Regulate! – Clara Love Elementary, $4,861
Sponsored by: CoServ Charitable Foundation

Ready, Create, Regulate is a project that aims to benefit every student at Clara Love Elementary. In an effort to meet the needs of their diverse student population, this grant funds individualized art kits to provide equal access to art education. The purpose of the kits is to give students a pathway to explore their imagination and new ways to regulate their emotions. Each kit contains pencils, colored pencils, oil pastels, watercolor kits, and more. This grant will serve more than 600 students, helping them to communicate, create and regulate throughout the school year.

Start Spreading the News – Clara Love Elementary, $528.95
Sponsored by: Huckabee

Morning announcements are the perfect way to begin the day and incredible tool for building a sense of community. Beginning each day with a focus on shared goals and objectives helps every member of the campus community become more successful. This grant provides funding for Clara Love Elementary to not only improve the quality of their daily announcements, but also provide an invaluable resource to help create a culture of leadership and respect throughout the school. Funds purchase a camcorder and encoder.

Creating Multicultural Literacy – Justin Elementary, $880.66
Sponsored by: Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Alliance

This grant provides a school set of children's read aloud books that explore and celebrate cultural diversity within the school community. In partnership with the comprehensive school literacy set, funds would also provide a school set of multicultural art supplies to help students depict and express themselves adequately when reflecting upon their learning. The grant funds 30 children's books, as well as multicultural colored pencils, paper, paint, modeling dough, oil pastels and crayons.

We Yelli for More Gelli! – Justin Elementary, $764.04
Sponsored by: FastSigns

The goal of this grant is to expand student's understanding of art history across cultures and regions as they explore the art of printmaking. By utilizing Gelli printing plates, all students will be able to create thousands of unique works of art without the traditional dilemma of single use printmaking materials. Grant materials include Gelli mini printing tool sets, Gelli printing plates, and Chroma washable tempera sets.

The Looking Glass – Justin Elementary, $1,955.20
Sponsored by: NEF Employee Giving Campaign

At Justin Elementary, NISD staff are leveraging the relationships of caregiver and child in a supportive book club environment that allows families to dive deep into social emotional themes. Staff provide families the option of a picture book and/or a chapter book to share in a family book club. A toolkit was developed by a committee of leaders on our campus (teacher, counselor, librarian and parent) to help support and guide families during their book study. The Looking Glass grant will allow the campus to continue family book clubs by adding more themes to their collection. The book themes they selected focus around diverse topics like accepting differences, appreciating diversity and personal well-being. The funds purchase 3 new picture book sets and 3 new chapter book sets.

I can see your WORK and hear your VOICE! – Justin Elementary, $1,260
Sponsored by: CoServ

Funding this grant helps remote learners have a more equitable learning environment and enhances the learning that can take place on the school campus. During remote learning and beyond, web cameras would help those students show what they know. During remote learning, students would be able to work problems for the teacher in real-time. Adjustments and learning would be taking place during the lesson. Students could even teach part of the lesson and show their classmates their thinking, just like in the classroom. In addition to live lessons, students could start to make "how to" videos to show their learning. These cameras have better resolution and can be pointed toward student's work. This ability would drastically improve pictures taken of their work. Justin Elementary has been a model school for Units of Study for writing, and this grant would allow students to show their work more quickly, efficiently, and clearly. Once students are back on campus, the cameras would still be utilized for many things. Students would continue to show their voice and thinking by creating videos, digital resources, and more. Funding this project helps remote learners have a more equitable learning environment.

Science Snacks! (Small Bites of Scientific Discovery) – Administration Building, $3,835.30
Sponsored by: CoServ Charitable Foundation

Science Snacks will provide rich scientific instruction, in short video segments, designed to target specific elementary science TEKs in a weekly digital episode format. The episodes will be designed to support NISD science curriculum and student-family connections at home. Each episode will feature "bite-sized" content engaging students with exciting learning in short breaks, such as a snack time! Episodes will be paired with highlighted recipes to promote healthy nutrition, snack preparation and agricultural literacy, supporting the TEK focus of the week. The goal is to bring science to life for students with "real world" connections. The scientific investigations in each episode will be designed to foster family connections through scientific literacy and career awareness. This grant purchases technology equipment and gear for the video segments, books and instructional resources, and science lab equipment and supplies. The grant will support all NISD elementary students and their families.

Instruments for Education – Administration Building, $4,791.08
Sponsored by: CoServ Charitable Foundation

Music and the brain; did you know that music is processed by a different area of the brain than speech and language? Children may be able to better understand, absorb, and generalize educational skills and concepts that are presented through music. Clinical music therapy is the only professional, research-based discipline that actively applies supportive science to the creative, emotional, and energizing experiences of music for health treatment and educational goals. This grant, submitted by the NISD music therapist and Structured Learning Classroom (SLC) teachers, funds a set of specifically curated instruments to be used in each of the seven NISD SLC classrooms. This support will allow teachers to effectively and consistently incorporate music into their academic curriculum to enhance the education and improve learning of all SLC students. Instruments include rhythm sticks, egg shakers, mini cabasas, rainsticks, tambourines, ocean drums, djembes, shape drums, movement scarves, boomwhackers, frame drums and gathering drums.

Characters Like Me: Diverse Character Representation in Library Book Series – Sendera Ranch Elementary, $1,675.07
Sponsored by: FastSigns

This grant helps development the library book collection at Sendera Ranch Elementary to make it more culturally and ethically reprehensive by providing book series that feature diverse protagonists. Children need to read books that are about characters who look and live in similar circumstances as themselves. This helps them develop higher reading skills, higher self-esteem and an understanding of their importance in the world. Additionally, other children who engage with books with characters who are different from themselves ethnically, socio-economically, and culturally will have the opportunity to develop a larger world-view and a greater understanding of the importance of the diversity that make us a community. This grant purchases 9 book series sets for K-2 grade and seven book series sets for 3-5 grade, totaling 107 individual print books.

Getting the Upper Hand in Orchestra! – Wilson Middle School, $1,140
Sponsored by: CoServ Charitable Foundation

Orchestra is for everyone - but not every student in our classroom has developed the necessary fine motor skill control to be immediately successful in our classroom. Students that have ADHD, students that are a part of our SOAR program or our SPED programs, students that just haven't yet developed those fine motor skills can hit a real roadblock when learning to hold their bows. When they struggle to hold their bow correctly, it also affects the sound that they create on their instruments - this is the screechy scratchy "awful violin" sound that is often shown on TV or movies, and leads to frustration for the child (and the parents that have to listen to their practicing at home!). The Bow Hold Buddies were developed for students to help with their muscle memory, and allow for faster progress and less frustration for kids learning to play stringed instruments. This grant purchases 24 Bow Hold Buddies, 12 CelloPhants and 12 Hold Fish.

Leading the Way to Self-Regulation – Seven Hills Elementary, $1,399.46
Sponsored by: Pinnacle Bank

Self-regulation and mindfulness is a vital social and emotional skill for children. Leading the Way to Self-Regulation purchases supplies to create "Calm Down Kits", or self-regulation boxes, for each classroom and support staff room at Seven Hills Elementary. Each kit will include various sensory, fidget and stress relief resources, along with relaxation activities and directions for each teacher.

Social Skills = Success in the Future – Beck Elementary, $785.56
Sponsored by: GPD Foundation

The key to success in the future does not lay only in mastery of math and ready, it is found in mastery of socials skills and emotional learning. This grant allows students to have access to an entire center focused on learning their emotions, regulating their emotions, and mastering the social skills needed to build relationships and build a future. The SEAC Classroom is designed for students to have a therapeutic environment in which they can explore and learn about behavior, regulating outbursts, and navigating relationships. Adding an SEL center to the classroom will only aide in furthering the success found when these skills are mastered. By including a Sand Tray, Workbooks, and Picture Books, we will be able to work through emotions and situations in a way that is child centric and developmentally appropriate.

WILD Card Room Transformations – Beck Elementary, $1,974.38
Sponsored by: CoServ

Last year, teachers at Beck Elementary read The Wild Card by Hope and Wade King as a book study. It provides 7 steps to an educator's creative breakthrough. With the knowledge gained from this book study, Beck staff decided they want to be WILD Cards for their kids! What exactly does this mean? To them, it means using creativity to provide meaningful experiences in order to increase student engagement for Dyslexia and Response to Intervention (RTI) students. Dyslexia instruction is direct, explicit, multi-sensory, structured, sequential, diagnostic and a prescriptive way to teach those who struggle in the areas of reading, writing, and spelling. Instruction for RTI students is not much different in that it is also very structured and uses high-quality, research based curriculum. Although both help struggling students, struggling students do not always have the buy in needed to make the academic gains we are looking for from them. This grant will help teachers implement monthly thematic room transformations to build enthusiasm. Turning the classroom into a jungle, carnival, tailgate, or even a pirate ship are just a few of the ways they can make the learning experience more exciting and valuable for students. These room transformations will be utilized when teaching the most difficult concepts. If we can create a memory during instruction, students will be engaged and it will lead to overall student academic achievement. Grant materials include room décor, costumes, art, music, games and more.

Growing Readers – Beck Elementary, $2,250
Sponsored by: NEF Employee Giving Campaign

The goal of this grant is to provide first-grade students at Beck Elementary with more high interest texts in guided reading and meets the needs of their students. Currently, six teachers share two sets of books, and the choices for texts are quite limited. With this grant, teachers would greatly improve their ability to give each child exposure to many types of books that are on their specific reading level. The funds purchase seven sets of guided reading books. Each set comes with ten books, and there are six copies of each book.

We Exercise to the Beat of our Own Drum! – Peterson Elementary, $2,599
Sponsored by: NEF Employee Giving Campaign

Meeting the physical, mental, emotional and intellectual needs of students through one activity may sound too good to be true. An innovative program that addresses all of these areas, and is fun and exciting to participate in, is DrumFIT. DrumFIT is a cardio drumming program that combines the mental health benefits of drumming with the overall health benefits of physical fitness for a full body workout. Students from all grade levels will have the opportunity to participate in the DrumFIT program components strengthening and sharpening their movement and intellectual skills. This grant purchases 30 Drum Fit balls, 30 sets of drumsticks and a school license with Drum Fit Fitness.

Pre-Vocational Kits – Eaton High School, $3,755
Sponsored by: NEF Employee Giving Campaign

In special education, some of the most important skills that students can learn are the ones that will help them be successful in the vocational world after high school. So many skills that we take for granted are often skills that our students need to work very hard on. These skills can include things like being able to complete a task, asking for help, staying on task, reaching and grasping, following multi-step instructions and so many more things that come naturally to most people. This grant funds 3 different Pre-Vocational Kits that each offer a different level of appropriate work for the different levels of students we teach. When a student can successfully complete a task such as sorting or assembling, it builds their confidence and can show they are a candidate for working in a job outside of school and contributing to society. For many of our students, joining the workforce in the traditional sense is not an option. These kits can build skills that they can take with them in whatever environment they might live in, whether at home with a guardian, or in a facility that they reside in.

Diverse Books – Adams Middle School, $1,026.73
Sponsored by: GPD Foundation

With recent events surrounding our country, it's more important than ever for everyone, students especially, to know their value and importance in this world. This grant brings more diverse books into middle school classrooms, which will allow students to find pieces of themselves in the literature they are reading. These resources increase the total number of books available to students, as well as the number of books covering diverse topics. The grant purchases 83 different reading books.

For the Love of Books – Schluter Elementary, $4,555
Sponsored by: NEF Employee Giving Campaign

Putting books into the hands of kids is one of the best ways to support students' academic reading level. Each week, kindergarten students at Schluter Elementary make their book selections of 5-10 titles that they will read during Reading Workshop either independently or with a partner. This grant purchases 158 books per kindergarten classroom, which equates to 7 new reading opportunities per student.

Interactive Whiteboard for Students With Disabilities Increases Engagement in Learning! – Tidwell Middle School, $4,710.20
Sponsored by: Huckabee

Students with disabilities have a hard time with abstract ideas. For example, telling them to touch something should give a response to their touch. When students work at a regular white board and they have to wait for their teacher to change something on the computer, they can get frustrated or lose interest in the materials being taught. This grant purchases an interactive whiteboard for use in the special education classroom at Tidwell Middle School.

Thank you!

Special thank you to the NEF grant-reading committee, volunteers and donors who made this year’s grant brigade such a success!

2019-20 Grant Sponsors: 

  • NISD Education Foundation
  • 2020-21 NISD Employee Giving Campaign
  • CoServ Charitable Foundation
  • CoServ
  • Facebook Fort Worth Data Center
  • FastSigns Alliance
  • GPD Foundation
  • Huckabee
  • Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Alliance
  • Tri-County Electric
  • Pinnacle Bank


If you have questions about teaching grants or how to sponsor a grant for the 2020-21 academic school year, please contact Alyssa Edstrom at alyssa.edstrom@nisdtx.org.