Elementary 18
Northwest ISD Seeks Recommendations
to Name New Elementary School

The Northwest ISD Board of Trustees and administration invites the community to submit nominations to name the district's new elementary school set to open in August 2018.

The district’s 18th elementary school will be located north of Highway 287, east of FM 156 and south of Bonds Ranch Road in the Revolstoke subdivision, which is currently being developed.

Please fill out the form below to recommend a name for NISD's newest elementary school.

Elementary 18 - Name Nomination Form
Name for consideration:

The above name is considered based on the following category:

a. In memory of a person who has served the district or community, especially in service to children;
b. In memory of a person who has made significant contribution to society and/or education for which his/her name shall lend prestige and status to an institution of learning;
c. A local residential or geographic area;
d. A district property donor or their family members.

Provide biographical, geographical, or regional/environmental data to support the nomination.

State what significant contribution or symbolism the person, place, or thing has made to the education or to the local community.
State briefly your rationale for recommending the school or facility be named after this person, place, or thing.

If being named for a person, please list family members in the area. (Under NISD policy, persons to be honored by the naming of facilities shall be deceased.)

Submitter's Information:
Address 1:
Address 2:
Phone Number:
Email Address:


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