Northwest ISD Guidance and Counseling
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Guidance and Counseling Program


Our vision is to be the best and most sought after guidance and counseling program that supports future ready students.



Our mission is to guide and counsel students to achieve their potential and to live as healthy, responsible, resilient citizens.


Northwest ISD School Counselors support the development of students in many ways as they grow into healthy, productive, and successful community members. Our K - 12 Comprehensive Counseling Program promotes:

· Academic Achievement and Success

· Personal and Social Growth

· Career Awareness

· Career Planning

We work together with parents, students, educators, and community professionals to ensure 
success in learning and preparation to take on the challenges of responsible adulthood.
 We believe that a premier guidance and counseling program is:
  • Student centered
  • Based upon healthy relationships, both established and taught
  • A collaboration between students, families, schools, and communities