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The NISD Family Involvement Program, College and Career Readiness Program and Guidance and Counseling Department partners together to provide opportunities for parents and guardians to attend workshops and events. These events promote the optimal development and success for their child, tips, tools and information to prepare students and parents for the realities of parenting children through all the stages of life.    


Want a Practical Parent Workshop on your campus?  Use the link below to request a workshop.

Parent Workshop REQUEST FORM

Workshop choice examples or suggest a topic:

  • "Parent Power" (Balancing authority, parenting styles, building on family strengths to become a healthier family)
  • "Are you talking to me?" (explore conflict, communication traps, positive/healthy expression of feelings)
  • "Don't Pop Your Cork!" (explore anger, effects on kids and how to resolve anger in the family)
  • "Social Emotional Health: How Parents can Help" (explore social emotional health and strategies that will strengthen children)
  • "Home and School...What a TEAM!" (explore the powerful role parents play in a child's education and how family environment can affect success in school)
  • "We are here, now what?" (for families who recently moved to the area, explore ways families can help get plugged in and help their child adjust to the move)
  • "Mean Girls: What's the deal?" (explore the deepest needs of middle school girls and how parents can help them navigate this stage)
  • "Giving Children Responsibility for Themselves" (develop long-term goals of responsibility, provide responsibilities which are commensurate with age and ability, child will experience personal power by making responsible choices)
  • "Building and Nurturing Self Esteem in your Child" (explore the importance of self esteem and mental health, identify main sources of self esteem, gain new skills for developing self esteem)

For more information contact Cynthia Elliott at 817-698-1343 or