Parents as Teachers Program Details
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NISD Parents as Teachers
Serving families with children from birth to Kindergarten entry throughout Northwest ISD since 2004

Northwest ISD strives for students to achieve success through meaningful learning experiences, innovative pathways, and personalized opportunities- even our littlest learners. 

Parents as Teachers is a program designed to support families with children prenatally through 5 years.
The program is offered free of charge to any family residing in Northwest ISD. 

Free Developmental Screenings

Parent educators use developmental screenings to evaluate your child's overall development. This provides early detection and attention to problems that can interfere with learning. Screenings also provide an opportunity to celebrate your child's abilities. Click here to request an appointment for a free developmental screening.

Group Connections

Our program offers monthly events, such as field trips, parent support workshops, and play events (Play to Learns), that provide the opportunity for parents to interact with their children and share experiences with other families in the district. These events are free and available to all NISD families. For event information, click here.

Personal Visits

If you sign up for our home visiting program, a Parent Educator will visit with you once or twice a month depending on your family's needs. During these visits, your Parent Educator will provide a learning activity for you and your child based on their development and age. You will also discuss parenting challenges, giving your Parent Educator the opportunity to provide support and information. We offer bilingual parent education services for Spanish-speaking families.

Community Resources

We work to connect families with community programs, resources, and support. 

To request more information, click here.  You will be contacted soon after we receive your information request. 


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