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Curriculum & Instruction

A district should meet the needs of gifted/talented students by modifying the depth, complexity, and pacing of the curriculum and instruction ordinarily provided by the school.

The curriculum shall develop students' abilities to think critically, to communicate effectively, to reason, to solve problems, to value diversity, to seek alternatives, and to learn ways to find answers to questions.  

At Northwest ISD, the education of identified gifted learners is based on the following areas:

Problem Solving & Critical Thinking: The student uses a variety of approaches to solve problems; develops thoughtful questions; plans, organizes, implements, evaluates, and presents solutions. Students demonstrate skills of complex thinking; see relationships; examine facts and variables; make deductions based on logical reasoning.

Creative Thinking: The student uses divergent thinking; sees things in new and different ways. The student shows fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration in generating and presenting ideas. 

Research Skills: The student asks open-ended research questions and develops a plan for answering them; gathers information from relevant sources; clarifies research questions and evaluates/synthesizes collected information; purposefully organizes and presents ideas/conclusions.

Communication Skills: The student communicates effectively; listens actively; participates effectively in a group.

Through the curriculum and various learning opportunities, students will develop into independent learners.  The student will learn to organize his/her time and work and use a variety of resources. Students who receive gifted services will learn to set high standards of quality and complete self-directed learning.  Students will also develop innovative products and performances.