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About NISD Academies

Incoming freshman* (current 8th grade students) can request enrollment at any one of the seven Northwest ISD High School Academies. The ideal student for Academies has a strong interest in a specific career field and the willingness to commit themselves to being immersed into four years of intense learning experiences.

Learn more about each Academy with information links below:

Aviation and Aeronautics   

Biomedical Sciences 

Business Management and Entrepreneurship   


Creative Media Production   

Culinary Arts and Hospitality 


Academy Nights

Students and families who want to learn more about Northwest ISD High School Academy programs are encouraged to attend Academy Nights. Each event will include a short info session presented by Academy Facilitators, followed by facility tours and opportunity to visit with teachers and students.

All Academy Nights begin at 6 p.m.

Oct. 17 at Steele Early College HS 

- Cosmetology Academy  |  Academy Facilitator: Heather Fowler
- Early College  |  Principal: Todd Rogers

Oct. 23 at Northwest HS* 

- Creative Media Production Academy  |  Academy Facilitator: Jeremy Rawe
- STEM Academy  |  Academy Facilitator: Casey Helmick

Oct. 24 at Eaton HS

- Aviation and Aeronautics Academy  |  Academy Facilitator: Donny Pharr
- Business Management and Entrepreneurship Academy  |  Academy Facilitator: Jake Browarski

Oct. 30 at Byron Nelson HS

- Biomedical Sciences Academy  |  Academy Facilitator: Monica Valenta
- Culinary Arts and Hospitality Academy  |  Academy Facilitator: Victoria Hooker

Academy Enrollment Requests

Current 8th grade* students interested in attending a Northwest ISD Academy need to submit the online form and may only submit an Enrollment Form for one Academy. 

Students who submit an Enrollment Request during the Priority Request Period (Oct. 17-Nov. 17) will be notified by January 15th of the status of their Enrollment Request. The forms will remain open for additional enrollment requests as space is available.

Students must submit enrollment request, even if the Academy is located at their zoned campus. If the Academy is not located at the student's zoned campus, student will transfer to the campus of the Academy at which they are accepted. This will become their "home" high school campus, and the district will provide bus transportation to that campus. 

Students should speak to their Campus Counselor or College & Career Exploration/AVID teacher for additional information.

*Students request enrollment to the Cosmetology Academy during their Sophomore year of high school to attend during their Junior and Senior years. 

Academy Enrollment Request Link - Current 8th Grade Students  

Cosmetology Academy Enrollment Request Link - Current 10th Grade Students