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Programs of Study

Making Education Real

Our 23 Career & Technical Education Programs of Study empower students to immerse themselves in their field of interest through hands-on learning, field-based experiences, and internships.

Academies and Programs of Study allow experiences to occur for the RIGHT student, for the RIGHT reason, in the RIGHT program. Academies, which are open to incoming 9th-graders, require four years to complete and are located at a specific high school. Northwest ISD CTE's other Programs of Study have a more flexible completion schedule and are offered at Byron Nelson, Eaton and Northwest High Schools. 

By delivering valuable knowledge, training, and confidence, we prepare students for entry-level employment, an associate or baccalaureate degree, and/or other advanced training. Students who complete a program of study or academy program will enhance their education with a powerful competitive advantage for college and career in today's new economy.

High School Programs of Study