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AP, Dual Credit & OnRamps

Dual Credit

More Information

  • Dual credit courses are college-level courses provided by institutions that have partnered with NISD. These courses are eligible to be used as high school credit.
  • NISD currently offers over 30 dual credit courses including several Career and Technical Education options. 
  • Courses completed as part of the Texas Core Curriculum will transfer to all public in-state colleges and universities. Many out-of-state and private institutions will accept these courses as transfer credit, but it is up to the institutuion.
  • The grade earned in the college course is the grade posted to the high school transcript for the high school course.
  • Tution varies by partner and is based on the cost per credit hour plus any textbooks and fees.
  • Most courses are 3 college credit hours. 
  • Advanced Placement courses allow students the opportunity to earn college credit by achieving a qualifying score on an AP Exam.
  • NISD currently offers 32 AP Courses (course offerings vary by camps).
  • Exams with a  qualifying score are accepted by most public and private institutions. Students should check the AP Credit Policy for their prospective college.
  • Credit is earned by achieving a qualifing score on a single national exam administered in May. Exams are scored on a scale of 1-5, with a 3 or higher being considered a "qualifying score."
  • AP Exam prices vary each year. Most AP exams cost about $100 each. Capstone and Seminar Exams cost about $150. 
  • A portion of the AP Exam cost is funded by NISD.
  • Colleges may charge a fee to add AP Exam credits to your college transcript. 
  • OnRamps courses allow students meet the Texas College Core requirements by taking courses developed and vetted by the University of Texas, and presented in a face-to-face format with online components.
  • NISD currently offers the following OnRamps courses (selection may vary by campus):
  • Courses tranfer to all public in-state colleges and universities. Many out-of-state and private colleges may take courses as transfer credit.  
  • Students should talk with their prospective college to determin how the courses will be applied to their degree plan.
  • Students who qualify for college credit have the option to accept or decline the credit at the end of the term.
  • OnRamps courses cost $149 per college course ($99 for students who qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch).