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CCMR Data Dashboard

We invite you to review the data trends below to see how our college credit bearing and potential college credit bearing programs are going. If you have any questions about these programs please feel free to reach out to your student's academic counselor, or email NISD College and Career Readiness

How Credit is Earned

Advanced Placement - Students earning a 3+ on an AP Exam are considered to have earned college credit. The type of credit varies by college or university. AP Exam scores do not impact the grade earned in the high school course. 

Dual Credit - Students earning a passing score on a dual credit course have earned college credit. The grade earned in the college class is the grade given on their high school transcript as well. 

OnRamps - Students who qualify to earn credit by scoring a D- or better are given the opportunity to accept or decline the grade through UT. If they accept the grade they have college credit, if they decline the grade no grade is posted to their UT transcript. Students do not have the option to accept or decline the high school grade. OnRamps is considered concurrent credit, so the grade in the college class may differ from the grade posted to the high school transcript. 

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