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Dual Credit

If you are interested in taking dual credit courses, please meet with your high school counselor to discuss which courses are right for your graduation plan.  Then, complete this Dual Credit Interest Form so we can make sure you are supported through the process. 

Visit our Dual Credit Google Site to learn more about enrolling in dual credit courses. 

Remember, the most expensive college course is the course you took but didn't need. 



More about Dual Credit

Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment courses offer a unique opportunity for high school students to earn both college credit and high school graduation credit for the same course. By successfully completing an approved Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment course, you can get a head start on your college education while still in high school.

But Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment courses aren't just about getting ahead. They also give you a taste of college-level coursework and help you build the skills and confidence you'll need to succeed in college. Recent data shows that students who complete Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment courses are more likely to persist in their second year of college, both at two and four-year institutions in Texas, compared to their peers who did not participate.

Furthermore, over the last 8 years in Texas, Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment participants had a higher four-year college graduation rate than their non-participating peers at almost every public institution in the state. This means that not only can Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment courses help you get a head start on college, but they can also set you up for long-term success and better outcomes after graduation.

To learn more about Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment opportunities in your area, talk to your high school counselor or contact the admissions office at local colleges and universities.

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