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Do you need to send your OnRamps transcript to TCC or a different college? Watch this brief video created by one of our very own OnRamps teachers to learn how.

IMPORTANT: Your UT OnRamps will not include Spring 2024 courses if you order before June 13, 2024.

OnRamps Transcript Information

IMPORTANT: Your UT OnRamps will not include Spring 2024 courses if you order before June 13, 2024.

Students who hope to take British Literature this fall: 
All TCC admission steps must be completed in order for registration to occur once the UT transcripts are ready (application, Online Readiness Assessment, sending SAT or ACT or TSI scores that meet the benchmark, and submitting completed FERPA and Residency documentation).
OnRamps Students Step One:
OnRamps students, please complete the student academic letter request form on this link  … when you receive this from UT – forward it to your College and Career Facilitator.
OnRamps Students Step Two: 
UT transcripts will not be ready until mid-June (hopefully).  When the transcript is ready, log into UT’s transcript portal and submit the transcript to TCC.   
You will need to accept credit for BOTH semesters of OnRamps Rhetoric to get college credit for English 1301 and 1302. 
Here’s the link to the transcripts. Scroll until you see the word transcript and click the underlined words “online transcript ordering system.”  Send an official transcript to Tarrant County College and while in the transcript system, download a copy of an unofficial transcript (the unofficial one should be free) and save it to your computer.
Students will complete the 3rd party mailing address to send TCC an official transcript. 
Tarrant County College
Admissions and Records Office
300 Trinity Campus Circle
Fort Worth, TX 76102
OnRamps Students Step Three:
Make sure you have emailed 3 items to your campus College and Career Facilitator:  
  1. A copy of the student academic letter (waiver) 
  2. The unofficial transcript, and
  3. A legible screenshot (which includes your name) of the payment made to send an official transcript to TCC.

Students who earn and accept college credit in an OnRamps course may request a transcript from UT Austin's Office of the Registrar, Transcript Services, and have it sent to their chosen higher education institution. Students will not automatically receive a transcript.

Students should wait until the final course grade is recorded with the Office of the Registrar before ordering a transcript unless it is needed as a prerequisite for a dual credit class. Use the Registrar's See My Grades application to confirm their course grade is posted to their UT Austin transcript.

OnRamps students may use the online transcript ordering system for the three years following the end of their course.

Watch this brief video for step-by-step instructions for sending your Transcript. More information may also be found on the OnRamps website.

Learn more about OnRamps on their website.

OnRamps Website

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