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Technical, 2 Year, Military, 4 Year (T2M4) Logo

When running a race, what do runners do when they cross the finish line? They stop running. T2M4 is an awareness program built upon the idea that high school graduation, college acceptance, and starting a job are changes in the direction of the race, but they are not the finish line. In other words, we want our graduates to keep running the race.

At NISD we want our students to think about their future in terms of T-2-M-4.

  • Technical Certifications
  • 2-Year Degrees and Certificates
  • Military Service
  • 4-Year Degrees and beyond

Each of these are great options and we know that all students will ultimately choose one of them. Some will choose to do two, three, or even all four.  NISD College and Career readiness is committed to helping ensure that every NISD graduate is ready to make a choice and succeed. 

To support this, NISD offers a variety of Career and Technical Education options through our seven academies and 19 programs of study as well as college-level courses through Advanced Placement, UT OnRamps, and our dual credit partnership with Tarrant County College.  

Please Note: If you need to order a copy of your high school transcript please visit the NISD Transcript Reqest page.