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Academic Core

Academic Core Subjects

Excellent Instruction

Every Day, for Every Class, for Every Child, in Every Way

We Believe:

  • In building relationships with every student to ensure equity and support for all students.
  • Students need direct, explicit instruction, feedback, and goal setting on next steps of
    their learning process to ensure that every student is part of the learning process and
    receives personalized support throughout the learning process.
  • Learning is a collaborative, shared experience where students and teachers are equal
    partners in the learning process.
  • Students need opportunities to work in collaboration with other learners, so they teach and
    scaffold each other throughout the learning process.
  • Students should read, write, solve problems, think critically, and collaborate daily.
  • Learning should be visible so that students and teachers can recognize misconceptions,
    preconceptions, and have high levels of discourse to process their learning.
  • Students should engage in foundational skills that progress to deep knowledge and skills.
  • Students will be engaged with content that is relevant and requires them to apply their knowledge to a variety of experiences.