How Does OnRamps Work?
  • OnRamps students are enrolled in a yearlong high school course facilitated by a Northwest ISD teacher who is trained and certified by OnRamps.
  • During the first half of the course, OnRamps students complete a series of required assignments that are designated by the Instructor of Record at the University of Texas to determine eligibility to be dually enrolled in the university course.
  • Students who successfully complete the high school version of the course receive credit from their campus. In addition, students who successfully complete the spring college course (in OnRamps Precalculus and OnRamps Statistics) receive three Texas Core credits from the University and students who successfully complete the fall and/or spring college course (in OnRamps English and OnRamps History) can receive three to six Texas Core credits from the University. *These credits are guaranteed to transfer to any public college or university in Texas.

What OnRamps Students Are Saying:

Students who take OnRamps courses that are prerequisites to a course offered at Tarrant County College will be required to submit a transcript showing that credit has been received and accepted before they will be able to register for the course at TCC. 

How much do OnRamps Courses Cost?

OnRamps Courses cost $149 per student, per course. Students who qualify for Free/Reduced lunch receive a tuition discount of $50 per course making their cost $99 per student, per course. 

Which OnRamps Courses are Available in NISD?

NISD currently offers OnRamps courses in each of the four core content areas and one Career and Technical Education Courses.  All courses with the exception of English and Social Studies are full-year courses. Students who take English or Social Studies OnRamps Courses will take one course each semester. 

     Introduction to Rhetoric: Reading, Writing, and Research
     Reading and Writing: The Rhetoric of American Tradition

     College Algebra
     Discovery PreCalculus

     Mechanics, Heat, and Sound: General Physics Technical Course I

Social Studies
     The United States, 1492-1865
     The United States, Since 1865

Computer Science
     Thriving in our Digital World

Current OnRamps Students:

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[* Not all courses are part of every degree plan. Your college or university may apply Texas Core credits as electives if the class you take is not part of your degree plan.]