AP, Dual Credit & OnRamps
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Advanced Placement and Dual Credit

Advanced Placement
Dual Credit
Order and Pay for AP Exams If you are interested in taking dual credit courses, please meet with your high school counselor to discuss which courses are right for your graduation plan.  Then, complete this Dual Credit Interest Form so we can make sure you are supported through the process.

Visit our Dual Credit Google Site to learn more about enrolling in dual credit courses. 

Remember, the most expensive college course is the course you took but didn't need. 
OnRamps tuition fees will be posted to student accounts in mid-September. Students taking English and Social Studies through OnRamps will have a tuition payment for the fall and one for the spring semester. All others will be posted in the fall only. 

Tuition Cost Per Course

$149 for full cost
[US History and English are two courses for the full year for a total cost of $298.]

$25 for students who qualify for free or reduced lunch