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TCC Students may also take the TSI at TCC.
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TSI Frequently Asked Questions

I need to take the TSI for college admission, but my test date was canceled or postponed. What do I do now?

NISD can now offer remote TSI testing. Please click on the appropriate link above and complete the form so we can generate a remote testing voucher.

I qualify for STAAR testing accommodations. Are these available for TSI?

Some accommodations are available for TSI testing. We will work with students who qualify for 504 or SPED accommodations to provide any supports that are allowed.

Why do I need to take the TSI Assessment?

All college students in Texas public colleges are required to take the TSI Assessment to determine their readiness for college-level coursework. Based on how a student performs on the TSI, he/she may be either be allowed to enroll in a college course or placed in a developmental course to help improve his/her skills and the likelihood of success.

In some cases, your SAT or ACT scores may qualify you to be exempt from all or part of the TSI Assessment.

TSI Exemptions:


TSI Mathematics - Composite 23 AND a 19 on ACT Math

TSI Reading and Writing - Composite 23 AND a score of 19 on ACT English


TSI Mathematics - 530 on SAT Mat.

TSI Reading and Writing - 480 on SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing

See your college advisor, high school counselor or college and career readiness facilitator for more information about TSI exemptions.

My ACT and SAT Scores won't exempt me from the TSI. What score do I need on the TSI to pass?

TSI isn't a test that you pass or fail. It is a test that measures your readiness to take college-level classes. If you fail to meet the college-readiness benchmark score you will still be able to enroll in college, however, you will be required to take developmental courses prior to taking courses that are in your degree plan. Please note that developmental courses are NOT eligible for high school credit.

The college readiness standards for TSI are:

Mathematics: 350

Reading: 351

Writing: 340 with an essay score of 4 or higher


310-339 with an ABE Diagnostic level of at least 4 and an essay score of 5 or higher

How much does the TSI cost?

The TSI cost varies by institution. The general range is between $20 to $60 depending on how many sections a student is taking.

Northwest ISD dual credit students may take the TSI at any NISD testing site or the Tarrant County College testing site for no charge. Current seniors who are attending a Texas public college may be able to take the TSI at an NISD testing site free of charge as well. Students who choose to test at a remote site may be required to pay. The cost will depend on the college and the testing site.

Seniors who will be attending a private college in Texas or any college outside the State may not be required to take the TSI. Please check with your college or university to confirm their requirements.

When and where do I test?

The TSI Assessment is offered at the college you wish to attend. Visit their website and follow their procedures to sign up for testing.


NISD students may also take the TSI Assessment in NISD at any of the testing sites indicated above. [Notice: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all NISD testing sites are currently closed. We will open additional testing opportunities once we have clearance to do so.]

How long does the TSI Assessment take?

The TSI Assessment is not a timed test. The average time to complete all 3 sections of the test is 3-5 hours.

What happens if I do not finish the test?

You have 14 calendar days to complete the test. If you do not complete the test within that 14-day period, you will have to begin again with Question 1 on the section of the test where you stopped.

What do I need to bring with me to the test?

Government-issued photo identification or current campus ID badge.

Can I bring a calculator to the test?

No. Calculators are not allowed. No study materials, reference materials, or calculators may be used during the test. Cell phones and all other communication devices are strictly prohibited in the testing room.

How do I interpret my scores?

Your counselor, college advisor, or college and career facilitator will be able to help you interpret your scores.

I took the TSI but did not meet the college readiness standard in one or more areas. What do I do now?

You may retest one more time after two weeks. During this time we recommend that you spend some time preparing for the section(s) you need to retake using the TSI Study Application.

I have already retested once, but I still have not met the college readiness standard. What do I do now?

You will be allowed to test again once you have successfully completed the TSI Prep Course in Edgenuity. Please see your counselor to be enrolled in this free course.

Please note that colleges have varying admissions policies. While NISD is available to help it is ultimately the responsibility of the student to work with their college admissions office to ensure that they meet the enrollment requirements of each college they plan to attend. If you have additional questions about the TSI Assessment or need further guidance please contact your school counselor, NISD College & Career Readiness, or the admissions and advising office at the college you plan to attend.