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Volunteer Information

Background Checks Delayed

Please be aware that because of staffing issues that have caused backlogs in the court systems, background checks for volunteering are taking additional time to process. While background checks are typically expected to take up to three days, the delays are causing them to take up to three weeks.

Northwest ISD partners with a respected service to gather these reports, though our partner can only operate as quickly as the court system. Please keep this in mind when volunteering, and we encourage anyone who plans to volunteer this year to submit a background check immediately instead of waiting.

The teachers, students and staff at Northwest ISD achieve many accomplishments throughout any given school year. Many of these accomplishments would be impossible without the dedication of the volunteers who sacrifice their valuable time and efforts in support of Northwest ISD. We constantly strive to develop and maintain a culture that promotes volunteerism within our district and campuses. This year we have more than 3,000 registered volunteers helping within the walls of our classrooms and campuses. 

Volunteers help our classroom teachers by allowing them to focus on what is most important, TEACHING!

Who is a Northwest ISD Volunteer?

  • Parents

  • Grandparents

  • Community Members

  • Relatives

  • Businesses

  • Organizations

  • YOU!

Every volunteer must pass a background check to ensure the safety of our students. Background checks must be completed annually to ensure the district has updated information on the adults in their schools. Please note that a background check can take up to 72 hours to be processed and cannot be done on the spot at the campus. Please view the programs below for some of the ways you can get involved and support our schools!

Click here to begin your application to become a NISD volunteer!

NISD Volunteer Do’s and Don’ts


  • Check-in with the front office upon arrival

  • Complete a background check application and get approval before volunteering

  • Pre-register with the campus before coming in

  • Wear appropriate clothing

  • Bring a valid ID



  • Loiter in the hallways or front office before, during or after volunteering

  • Show up unexpected without teacher/office approval

  • Visit your child in the classroom without teacher approval beforehand

  • Bring younger non school-aged children

  • Come outside of volunteer hours

  • Sit/hangout in the workroom/breakroom

  • Discuss other students

  • Enter the nurses clinic

  • Come in if you are feeling sick

  • Take pictures of a student who isn't your child

visitor and volunteer do's and don'ts

Volunteer Opportunities