Employee Giving Campaign

The 2019-2020 NEF Employee Giving Campaign is Open!

Every dollar raised through the campaign is matched by NEF and given back to NISD educators through teaching grants!

employee giving

With the help of your generous donations, we raised more than $34,000 during last year's campaign. For your generous giving, and for all that you do for the district, thank you!

To learn more about NEF Teaching Grants and the 2018-2019 awarded grants, click here.

If you have any questions about employee giving or grants, please call the NEF Office at 817-215-0084. 

2019-2020 Employee Giving Form
Employee ID:
First & Last Name:
Email Address:
Years with NISD:


Please select your tax-deductible contribution below:

A. I wish to contribute by NISD payroll deduction in 10 equal payments (Oct. - July)



B. I wish to give a one-time donation from my October paycheck in the amount of $


C. I wish to send a check to the address listed below in the amount of $

Please note, we are unable to accept cash, and we ask for a minimum $10 donation.


D. Would you like to take advantage of the rollover payroll giver option?   

I elect to be a Rollover Payroll Giver and authorize the continuance of my payroll deduction donation to Northwest Education Foundation each year. I understand that if I selected a one-time payroll donation, my deduction donation will occur in October each year. I understand that if I selected a recurring payroll donation, my deduction donation will continue until I edit or stop my donation.


E. Please confirm by entering your name below. 

I certify that my charitable gift is voluntary, made from my personal resources and not from gifts or loans from any other person or organization. I consent to conducting this transaction through this form and understand that signing below constitutes my voluntary request and authorization to complete the requested transaction above.



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