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Partnership Activities

Did you know...

  • The average dropout costs taxpayers $800,000 over the course of the students lifetime.
  • Approximately 80% of all Texas inmates failed to graduate from high school.
  • TEA has identified over 38,000 students in Denton and Wise counties alone who are at-risk of dropping out.

As members of the Northwest ISD community, we have a vested interest in making sure students in NISD are prepared for a successful future. Studies show that at-risk students who receive the attention, skills, and resources to be successful:

  • Have more positive relationships with friends and parents
  • Receive higher grades
  • Feel more confident about their abilities to succeed at school
  • Skip fewer days of school
  • Are less likely to address conflict through violence

As a member of the Northwest ISD community you have the opportunity to make an impact by supporting our students through various avenues!