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Privacy Policy, Terms of Use

Terms of Use

By using the Northwest Independent School District website, users accept the terms set in this agreement. Furthermore, users agree to any rules or guidelines set by school or teacher websites, such as rules for student comments on assignment posts.

Using the Northwest ISD website indicates an acceptance of these terms. Those who do not agree to the terms should not use the website.


The Northwest ISD website does not hold any personal information regarding user information, though associated services – such as Home Access Center – may contain student and parent/guardian information that was provided during enrollment. Northwest ISD will never sell this information for profit, though some state or federal laws may require that basic information be provided when an open records request is received.

Northwest ISD is not responsible for any third-party service linked to from this website that may hold personal information on users.

Content and Trademarks

All third-party content, including items such as text or images, found on or linked to by the Northwest ISD website is the property of its respective owners. All other content is the property of Northwest ISD or its employees. Those wishing to use any content on this website should contact the individual or department who posted the content. If no individual or department is apparent, please email to seek permission for use.

External Links

The Northwest ISD website may contain links to other websites that may not be operated by the school district or may not be associated with the school district in any way. Northwest ISD is not responsible for the content on any external website. Any questions regarding content found on external websites should be directed to the individuals or entities responsible for those websites.

Communication Through Site

As a public entity, communication through the Northwest ISD website is subject by local, state and federal law to open records requests. Communication posted on the website may be requested by third parties not associated with the school district, and messages to Northwest ISD employee email accounts may also be requested by third parties not associated with the district.

All public comments left on any section of the Northwest ISD website must refrain from vulgar or inappropriate language. Vulgar language – including profanity and comments of a sexual nature – will not be tolerated, and users found communicating with such language may be banned from the website without notice. As a public school district, the staff of Northwest ISD encourages a safe and nurturing environment for our students and staff; any language or conduct not fitting with this environment will not be tolerated.


Northwest ISD reserves the right to revise or otherwise change the terms and conditions of this website at any time without notice.