Creative Media Production Academy
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Creative Media Production Academy

  •  Develop, produce, and deliver video and audio projects for television, commercial broadcast, and film
  • Create illustrations, logos, and advertisements using graphic design and commercial photography

  • Produce original animation projects, dynamic special effects, and eye-catching 3D models 

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Creative Media Production Academy Career Tree:

Career Tree

Creative Media Production Academy Sequence of Courses:


Career Awareness Career Exploration Career Preparation
Career Training
Principles of Arts, Audio/ Video Technology, and Communications
Audio/Video Production I
Audio/Video Production II (NHSTV)
Practicum in Audio/Video Production (NHSTV) (Internship)
Commercial Photography I 
Commercial Photography II
Practicum in Commercial Photography (Internship)
Graphic Design and Illustration I
Graphic Design and Illustration II
Practicum in Graphic Design and Illustration (Internship)
 *Students in this academy can take any course in the academy as long as they have met the prerequisite for the course. For example, students must take a career exploration course before taking the corresponding career preparation course.

Creative Media Production Academy Courses:

Graphic Design and Illustration I and II
Learn to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create visually appealing logos, fliers and posters.

Audio Video Production I and II
Learn how to shoot for videos and film. Learn the secrets of Hollywood director and cinematographers. Work in a real TV studio and in a live sports production stadium.

Commercial Photography I and II
Learn how to shoot amazing photography in studio, in nature and of other people using the best equipment that the professionals use!

Certifications: Adobe ACA Certifications  

What type of student should take these courses?
Anyone with a strong desire to learn these concepts and be in these careers.

Careers Related to the Creative Media Production Academy:
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