Innovation Committee
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Innovation Plan Committee

The Northwest ISD Board of Trustees approved the formation of a District Innovation Plan Committee, which discussed the District of Innovation concept and decided to move forward with developing a plan to become designated as a District of Innovation. 

Committee Members


Argo, Molly NISD Campus Instructional Teacher
Baker, Courtney NISD GT Elementary Teacher and NISD Parent
Barker, Kim NISD Executive Director of Human Resources
Blankenship, Mike NISD High School Principal
Braswell, CyLynn NISD Executive Director of CTE and Post Secondary Readiness
Broughton, Kelley NISD Education and Training Coordinator
Browarski, Jake NISD Business Coordinator
Carter, Brian NISD Chief Financial Officer
Carter, Cara NISD Director of Instructional Technology
DeSimone, Melissa NISD Director of Research, Assessment, and Accountability Department
Donoho, Amy NISD Parent
Eddy, Carri NISD Executive Director of Student Services
Espinosa, Stephanie NISD Executive Director of Curriculum and Staff Development
Fanning, Stacy NISD Career Access Coordinator
Farber, Jamie NISD Director of Counseling
Farris, Logan NISD Executive Director of Secondary Education
Feind, Adams NISD Chief Technology Officer
Garcia, Jaime NISD Instructional Coach
Garrett, Kim NISD High School Science Teacher
Gatlin, Ron NISD Assistant Middle School Principal
Griffin, Melanye NISD Curriculum & Instruction Secondary Math Coordinator
Griffin, Michael NISD Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
Hayes, Patti NISD High School Elective Teacher
Helmick, Casey NISD STEM Coordinator for Northwest High School
Hobbs, Christie NISD Attorney
Johnson, Joel NISD Executive Director of Health/PE/Athletics
Johnson, Sunni NISD Elementary Language Arts Coordinator
Jones, Elizabeth NISD Elementary Teacher and NISD Parent
King, Kristi NISD Elementary Principal
Lacefield, Kevin NISD Executive Director of Fine Arts
Lee, Meredith NISD Instructional Coach
Matt, Sarah NISD Parent
Mooneyham, Ashley NISD Elementary Teacher
Morris, Bobby NISD Director of College and Career Readiness
Reed, Courtney NISD Parent
Rogers, Todd NISD High School Associate Principal
Rowell, Audra NISD Curriculum & Instruction Advanced Academics Coordinator
Sanders, Jason NISD Coordinator of Instructional Technology
Scott, Angela NISD Public Affairs Coordinator and NISD Parent
Smith, Elizabeth NISD Elementary GT Teacher
Smith, Lyndsie NISD Elementary Assistant Principal
Tosie, Anthony NISD Communication Specialist
Valenta, Monica NISD Health Science Coordinator
Winters-Johnson, Jamie NISD Parent