Supporting Dyslexia Students in the Classroom
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Supporting Dyslexic Students in the Classroom

Instructional accommodations are based on student need. Some of them might be:

  • Extended time for testing
  • Oral tests
  • Use of a computer
  • Avoid counting off for spelling errors
  • Dictate responses
  • Audiobook access
  • Help with organization
  • Opportunity to ask again for clarification of directions
  • Allow two or more step directions to be written
  • Check often for understanding
  • Study guides
  • Read material aloud
  • Digital/hard copy of notes/outlines
  • Assigning work in smaller units
  • Provide lots of encouragement
  • Seating near the focus of instruction

For more information on accommodations, visit:

International Dyslexia Association

Texas Education Agency