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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Northwest ISD determine attendance boundaries?
As a fast-growth school district, Northwest ISD works with demographers to closely monitor the patterns of growth in neighborhoods, new developments, and trends in population. Every decision made in Northwest ISD is made with a focus on kids as a first priority. The district invests time, money, and resources in order to provide premier facilities and support systems to enhance a positive learning environment that fosters student and community pride.

If the district needs to rezone or develop boundaries a committee of parents, staff, and administrators will be formed to provide input and develop a recommendation. The recommendation will be taken to the Board of Trustees and voted on during open session of a regular school board meeting.

What factors does the district consider when rezoning?
The district looks at functional building capacity. Elementary schools have a functional capacity of 650 or 850 students, middle schools have a functional capacity of 1,100 to 1,200 students and high schools serve up to 2,500. Once enrollment exceeds its capacity, the campus will be closed to new students. Each situation is evaluated and determined on a case-by-case basis. The district is committed to a 22:1 ratio for grades kindergarten through fourth and 25:1 at the fifth grade level, allowing for smaller classroom sizes. Due to rapid growth and as developments rise in certain areas, more neighborhoods could see changes on a more frequent basis.

The objective is to move students closer to a school during the rezoning process, however, in order to effectively and efficiently use space that is not always possible. Northwest ISD believes the success of each student is a shared responsibility between the families, schools and communities. The curriculum is the same throughout NISD, the programs are consistent among the schools, and the campuses are very similar. Teachers attend the same professional development training and have access to the same resources across the school district. 

How can I share input on changes?
The district values the feedback from community members. Citizens may email their feedback to Parents and students may also sign up to address trustees at a school board meeting. Board meetings are typically held twice a month at the NISD Administration Building (2001 Texan Drive, Justin, 76247). Meetings are scheduled on the second and fourth Monday of each month at 7 p.m.

Can you guarantee attendance boundaries will not change again?
As a fast-growth school district with more than 1,100 projected new students each year, NISD will continue to open schools to meet the needs of the growth. As a district covering three counties, 14 municipalities, and 234 square miles, there will be times where growth is more active in certain areas of the school district. NISD cannot guarantee attendance boundaries will not change again; however, the district can guarantee its promise to continue to monitor student growth and stay committed to using tax dollars wisely with a focus and priority on students and buildings that enhance student learning. These changes are being made to provide immediate relief to campuses that are reaching capacity as well as balance enrollment throughout the school district. The hope is boundaries will not have to be redrawn for several years. To prepare and plan, the district works closely with a demographer to predict growth and study trends. The district knows a bond election will be needed in the future to provide for new construction as well as maintenance on current facilities. Learn more about bond history in NISD at

I am being rezoned to a different campus. Will it be the same?
NISD recognizes changing schools can be a sensitive time for those involved. In a district that experiences rapid growth like Northwest ISD, change is inevitable. Demographic reports show DFW continues to be a leader in job and population growth by creating 98,700 jobs within the past year. Northwest ISD had the most third quarter new home starts in the last five years. The district is experiencing growth as people continue to move in the school district. 

It is our mission to partner with parents and community members in order to provide all students a premier education. Schools within NISD generally have the same class sizes, curriculum, and similar facilities. The same opportunities are provided across the school district. Clubs and organizations are formed based on student interest. NISD students are guaranteed a quality education with a focus on being future ready at every campus.

Can I stay at my current campus?
NISD understands families love the campus their children currently attend and know you will love your new campus once you arrive and get to know your community, teachers, and administrators. Transfer requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

Can I apply for a transfer?
Stay tuned for a date range when you can apply for a transfer within the district. Applications will be available on the district’s website when this process opens. If you have questions about the transfer application process, please contact the numbers below:

  • Elementary Transfer Information – 817-215-0218
  • Secondary Transfer Information – 817-215-0080