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Approved 2023-2024 Boundaries

2023-2024 Attendance Boundaries Approved

Following school board approval on January 23, Northwest ISD has finalized 2023-2024 attendance boundaries that will best balance the student populations at schools across the district during a period of unprecedented growth.

With the approval, boundaries have been set for three new schools – Carter and Daniel elementary schools, and Worthington Middle School – and adjusted at other areas facing tremendous student enrollment growth. The boundary approval includes changes made thanks to community feedback provided both electronically and at four rezoning meetings throughout January.

Final 2023-2024 attendance boundary maps by campus level are as follows:

  • 2023-2024 Elementary School Attendance Boundaries
    With the opening of Carter and Daniel elementary schools, Carter will provide relief for Haslet and Sendera Ranch, while Daniel will relieve Lance Thompson and Justin. Additionally, to better balance campus levels, the attendance zones of Sendera Ranch and Thompson have been updated.
  • 2023-2024 Middle School Attendance Boundaries
    With the opening of Worthington Middle School, this new campus will relieve Adams and Wilson. Additionally, Chisholm Trail and Medlin will provide relief for Pike.
  • 2023-2024 High School Attendance Boundaries
    Because of tremendous growth in the Eaton High School zone, Northwest will relieve Eaton, while Byron Nelson will provide relief by taking in a smaller portion of Northwest’s current boundaries to best balance high school enrollment numbers.

To find your zoned schools for the 2023-2024 school year by entering the address, please use this online tool.

Students affected by rezoning and entering the final grade-level year at their campus will have the option to stay at their current campus, if desired, along with all current high school students. This means the following students will have the option to stay at their current school:

  • Students entering 5th grade next year are eligible to remain at their current elementary school.
  • Students entering 8th grade next year are eligible to remain at their current middle school.
  • Students entering 10th, 11th or 12th grade next year are eligible to remain at their current high school. Students who choose this option can remain at their current high school through graduation, as long as they remain in good standing.

Students who choose to remain at their current school will not receive district-provided transportation (except in cases of SPED accommodations), and younger siblings will not be eligible to remain. Northwest ISD will email these families a link to submit a transfer, open from February 1 to 15, to remain at their current school. All other transfer applications will be accepted from April 1 to May 15.

Once records are available for which students intend to remain at their current schools, families of students moving to new schools can expect communication providing an opportunity to get to know their new campuses.

As the fastest-growing school district in North Texas, Northwest ISD anticipates enrollment growth of about 1,900 students per year in the coming years. Attendance boundary adjustments are necessary to create enrollment zones for new campuses as well as balance enrollment at existing campuses to maintain safe and effective learning environments.

Updates to Proposal

The following information compiles all updates made to the original 2023-2024 attendance boundary proposal. These changes reflect the version of the proposal that will be recommended to the school board for approval on January 23.

Following four community meetings regarding attendance boundary changes for the 2023-2024 school year, Northwest ISD has analyzed all feedback provided both in person and via email to update the recommendation to the school board.

Since the previous update on January 17, Falcon Ridge has been included in the Pike Middle School boundaries because of the campus’s ability to accommodate the small number of students this change keeps at the school. With this addition, the following changes have been made to the original proposal:

  • Justin Elementary School: The existing Justin Elementary School boundary line south of F.M. 407, including Meadowlands, will remain zoned for Justin. This change only affects elementary school boundaries.
  • Pike Middle School: Off S.H. 114, Avery Ranch, Falcon Ridge, Guy James Ranch and Willow Crossing will remain zoned for Pike Middle School. This change only affects middle school boundaries.
  • Sendera Ranch Elementary School & Eaton High School: In Sendera Ranch, the existing Sendera Ranch streets next to Wilson Middle School, such as Enchanted Sky Lane, will remain zoned for Sendera Ranch Elementary School and Eaton High School. This change affects both elementary school and high school boundaries.

To see the final revisions to the 2023-2024 proposed attendance boundary proposal, click the appropriate link:

While the district worked extensively with our demographer to look at every suggestion made at meetings and via email, unfortunately further changes requested would result in campuses remaining over capacity and would not provide necessary relief. We greatly appreciated families advocating on behalf of their children, though we know every Northwest ISD school will enthusiastically welcome any new students and provide a safe and effective learning environment.

As a reminder, boundary changes are not final until approved by the Board of Trustees, with a vote scheduled to take place January 23.

Transfer Option To remain at existing campus

Following a review of data and consulting with high school leaders, all 2023-2024 sophomores (current freshmen) would be allowed to remain at their current campus under the proposal, if desired. This is in addition to the previously announced ability for juniors and seniors to remain. As with all students who are eligible to remain at their campus and do so, district-provided transportation would not be offered, and families must submit a transfer request for district record-keeping purposes. Additional information about this process will be provided following board approval.

As with the original proposal, the recommendation before the board would allow next year’s fifth- and eighth-grade students to remain at their current campuses, if desired. As with high school students, a transfer application would have to be filled out and district-provided transportation would not be offered.

As the fastest-growing school district in North Texas, Northwest ISD annually faces overall enrollment growth of up to 2,200 students a year. With the opening of three new campuses (as well as two replacement campuses) in August 2023 and tremendous student population increases, Northwest ISD will rezone attendance boundaries at all campus levels for the 2023-2024 school year.

These changes are also necessary to best balance campus enrollments to maintain safe and effective learning environments as well as to prepare for new secondary feeder patterns in the coming years. When considering new boundaries, the district always attempts to minimize future boundary changes and their effects on students and families.

Please see the red sections below for proposed changes at the elementary, middle and high school campus levels. These changes will provide relief for existing campuses that are over or nearing capacity while also providing the best stability in the coming years.

Video Walkthrough

Northwest ISD held a video walkthrough of the proposed attendance boundary changes during a Facebook Live session on December 14. The walkthrough can be seen below or at this link.


Standard Practice Recommendations for Board Approval

The following aspects are standard district practice when rezoning attendance boundaries that are recommended for board approval with each rezoning.

  • Students starting 5th grade next year would be eligible to remain at their existing elementary school.
  • Students starting 8th grade next year would be eligible to remain at their existing middle school.
  • Students starting 11th and 12th grade next year would be eligible to remain at their existing high school.
  • Students choosing to remain would not receive bus transportation, and younger siblings would not be eligible.

Opportunities for Feedback

Northwest ISD welcomes families at affected schools to provide their feedback by emailing and/or attending one of the following attendance boundary discussion meetings. All meetings are scheduled to last from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

  • Thursday, January 5: Wilson Middle School (discussing southern portion of elementary, middle and high school changes)
  • Thursday, January 12: Lance Thompson Elementary (discussing northern portion of elementary school, middle school and high school changes)
  • Tuesday, January 17: Berkshire Elementary School (discussing southern portion of middle school changes)
  • Wednesday, January 18: Pike Middle School (discussing northern portions of middle school and high school changes)

Scheduled Vote by School Board

The Northwest ISD Board of Trustees are scheduled to vote on final boundary changes at their regular meeting on Monday, January 23.

Proposed Elementary School Boundary Changes

Our district will open Molly Livengood Carter and Johnie Daniel elementary schools next year, which means boundaries must be created for these campuses.

  • Carter Elementary School's opening will provide relief for Haslet, Sendera Ranch and Thompson elementary schools. Additionally, a portion of the Prairie View attendance boundary without students will be rezoned to Carter to plan for future development.
  • Daniel Elementary School's opening will provide relief for Justin and Lance Thompson elementary schools.

Proposed 2023-2024 Elementary Boundaries District Map

Proposed 2023-2024 Elementary Boundary Changes Maps

Proposed Middle School Boundary Changes

C.W. Worthington Middle School will open next year in the fastest-growing area of our district, providing relief for neighboring Adams and Wilson middle schools.

Additionally, boundary changes to provide relief for Pike Middle School's surging enrollment will affect Chisholm Trail and Medlin middle schools.

Proposed 2023-2024 Middle School Boundaries District Map

Proposed 2023-2024 Middle School Boundary Changes Maps

Proposed High School Boundary Changes

While Northwest ISD will not open a new high school campus until 2026 or 2027 (contingent upon voter approval of a future bond proposal to meet that timeline), abundant growth in the V.R. Eaton High School zone requires relief for that campus. Both Northwest and Byron Nelson high schools will be affected, as Northwest will take a portion of Eaton's current zone, while Byron Nelson will take a portion of Northwest's current zone to best provide balance across the three comprehensive high schools.

Proposed 2023-2024 High School Boundaries District Map

Proposed 2023-2024 High School Boundary Changes Maps