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6th Grade Fine Arts Parent Information

Each sixth grade student selects band, choir or orchestra to fulfill their primary fine arts credit. Students may also enroll in theatre or art as a second fine arts elective. The following videos provide information about band, choir and orchestra to help you make the choice that is right for your student!

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FAQ's - 6th Grade Fine Arts

Can I take two of the required fine arts courses? For example, can I take band and orchestra, or choir and band? Yes. We have many students who are enrolled in two or more fine arts courses throughout middle school and high school.

If I can't afford to rent an instrument, can I still enroll in band or orchestra? Absolutely! We have many district-owned instruments to use. No one is ever turned away from band or orchestra due to financial constraints.

How much practicing and outside rehearsals are required? There are minimal outside of school requirements for 6th grade students outside of daily practicing at home. Most of the after-school activities are optional socials and fun activities. There are a few times during the year that after-school rehearsals or concerts will be required.

Can I do fine arts and athletics when I get into the 7th grade? Absolutely! We love students who are involved in multiple activities, and we will work with you to allow you to participate in multiple activities.

If I play an instrument such as drums, harp, guitar, or piano, can I play that instrument in middle school? Students who play instruments not taught as part of our curriculum may have limited opportunities to perform on their instrument(s) with an ensemble, but will still need to learn another instrument or participate in choir.

Can I take theatre or art as my required fine art elective? NISD requires a musical performing art for the 6th grade fine art credit. Theatre and art may be taken as a second fine arts elective.

I love music and want to take both band and orchestra. Are you allowed to learn two instruments? Absolutely! We have many students each year who choose to learn two musical instruments. They work hard and practice both instruments daily.

For more specific campus information, as well as director contact information, please visit the program tabs to the right of the screen.