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Private Lessons

Private lessons offer several benefits to music students including: personalized and customized instruction, technical development, and accountability and motivation. Ultimately, this one-on-one style of instruction can lead to faster progress. Northwest ISD's 6-12 grade private lesson program brings in the highest quality teachers to provide individualized instruction on all band and orchestra instruments, and in vocal technique. Some lessons are available during a student's regular music class, making this a convenient and effect enhancement to regular classroom instruction. While this program is optional, students are highly encouraged to participate in the private lessons.


Private Lesson Rates (effective August 14, 2024)

Lessons Held During Class on a School Day
Half a Class Period $25
Whole Class Period $50


Lessons Held Before/After School
30 Minute Lesson $25
Hour Lesson $50


NISD does not charge a facility use fee. Students pay their private lesson teacher directly for every lesson. Contact your campus music teacher for more information on scheduling lessons.

Some scholarships are available for students who show financial need. If a student is under scholarship, the student pays the teacher $10 per lesson and the campus music program pays the remaining $15. Contact your campus music teacher for more information about scholarships. Not all students will qualify for a scholarship. 

Private lesson teachers must turn in monthly Private Lesson Payroll Cards for every lesson that receives scholarship funds. Each scholarship lesson must be initialed on the card by the student at the time of the lesson, and the cards must be submitted to the campus music teacher within 30 days of the last lesson of the month.


Teach Private Lessons in NISD

NISD private lesson teachers must undergo fingerprinting and an annual background check, and they must complete a bid with our finance department. The fine arts office is available to help with all steps of this approval process. Private lesson teachers are responsible for complying with all district policies. For more information on becoming a private lesson teacher in NISD, contact Rebecca O'Donovan, Director of Fine Arts.