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NISD is proud to offer the study of art to all students who attend the district; instruction begins in kindergarten and is offered to students throughout their primary and secondary education. The NISD visual arts program focuses on two dimensional and three dimensional art forms. Students create art through sculptures, drawings, ceramics, textiles, metals and paintings.

Students of all levels have the opportunity to display their work throughout the communities of NISD and also enter local and regional art competitions. In addition, Northwest High School offers AP Art for advanced students.

NISD Elementary Art Staff

Samuel Beck - Jessie Back, Ashley Foland

Cox - Sarah Ascher
Kay Granger - Deborah CailletAdriann Yannis
Haslet - Chelsea Rhoads
W.R. Hatfield - Christina Lincoln
J. Lyndal Hughes - Rue Dornai
Justin - Meagan Kea
Lakeview - Andrea Austin

Clara Love - Megan Valentine
Sonny & Allegra Nance - Jamie Marrs
O.A. Peterson - Lauryn Ericsson, Mary Mock
Prairie View - James Brown

Sendera Ranch - Pamala Davis-Ausdemore
Seven Hills - Belinda Little 
Thompson - Wendy Compton

NISD Secondary Art Staff

Chisholm Trail - Shannon CruseDorothy Rios

Gene Pike - Sheri LaRue, Greg Hale
Tidwell - Carol JohnsonAlicia Hughes
Wilson - Holly SmethersKaren Fryar