NISD offers a comprehensive choral program that addresses the needs of beginning singers all the way to competitive varsity programs. Choir begins for most students at the elementary level and progresses through the middle school years and on into high school.

Choral ensembles perform throughout the communities of NISD. Check out the individual choir web sites to catch a performance near you!

NISD High School Choirs

John Sikon, Head Director
Katherine Engle, Assistant Director
Joel Roberts, Director
Jenna Henry, Assistant Director
Kaitlyn Carty, Head Director
Cheryl Lemmons, Assistant Director

NISD Middle School Choirs

Adams Middle School Choir
Brad Kerley, Director
Ashley Tillerson, Assistant Director
Meredith Tompkins, Assistant Director

Chisholm Trail Middle School Choir
Stephanie Thurston, Director
Marie Yost, Assistant Director
Emily Fry, Head Director
Olivia Peacock, Assistant Director
Caleb Fritz, Assistant Director
Suzanne Hughes, Head Director
Tyler Adcock, Assistant Director
Jordan Ricks, Assistant Director
Stephen Lovell, Head Director
Evan Lane, Assistant Director
Lauren Wilemon, Head Director
Robert Quinene, Assistant Director