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Northwest ISD student population is growing, and we are always looking for future Food Service teammates and leaders. Anyone interested in being considered for employment MUST complete an online Aramark application.

Los solicitantes que hablan español, pueden enviar un correo electrónico a


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People Philosophy

  • We care about our people and our work!
  • We value diversity and productive competition!
  • We focus on training, coaching, and serving each other!
  • Our people make all the difference!

Aramark’s 270,000 service stars enrich and nourish the lives of millions all over the world, providing a wide range of services to a diverse group of clients. Among them, we serve over 1,500 amazing educational institutions like Northwest ISD. And every day, we dream of ways to do it better through our commitment to innovation and our passion for excellent customer service. 

The better we know the people we serve, the greater service excellence we can develop. Our innovation is inspired by you. Excellent, but never satisfied. Process-driven, but never locked in place. We never stop finding better ways to get it right when our people impact the lives of clients and consumers every day. Please tell us how we’re doing. Tell us your ideas!

All applicants must provide an email address, phone number, home address, and background check information. A public library is a great place to access a computer with the internet if you don’t have one. In order to work with our fabulous teams, you must maintain a passing federal/state/local criminal search and drug screen profile.

Promotion and Growth Potential

Our commitment to hiring, training, and rewarding the right people ensures that our employees are more than just hard workers for you and our team. They’re Service Stars, and that means they can be counted on to go above and beyond, every single day.

Teammate Growth

There are many moving parts in a kitchen and in our business! When a valued performing staff member expresses interest in growth or change, we jump on it with them! Skill-building classes are held monthly with the Chef and Registered Dietitian. Cross-training can be internal for inventory, receiving, quality assurance, food prep, and franchises. Cross-training may also include concessions, vending, catering, and special events.

Management Program

Northwest ISD’s Manager in Training (MIT) program is a rigorous six-week hands-on and classroom-style training. It is designed to give you the knowledge and experience needed to be a successful manager. MIT runs twice per school year (Oct-Nov and Feb-Mar). Classes are in designated kitchens as well as weekly classroom meetings. The permanent schedule or pay rate does not change during the program. The selection process for MIT includes application with resume; team interview; review of attendance and performance; and scheduling for participation. Applications are collected at the start of the semester and must include an endorsement from a current manager. All managers must attend MIT and pass ANSI standardized certification to hold a cafeteria management position.

Beyond Management

We provide monthly management meetings for the whole team to grow together. Aramark provides wonderful online learning opportunities and possibly even tuition assistance. At Northwest ISD, we are continually growing!

Management promotions happen from primary to secondary schools, from hourly management to salary supervisory, from operations to administrative leadership, and eventually (we want this for you) from leading a piece of our NISD business to leading a new piece of Aramark business elsewhere.