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Online Menu

Northwest ISD uses an online menu system that can be accessed at any time to view each school's breakfast and lunch menu for the week. Please use this online system to view the menu options at your child's school, regardless of campus level.

Online Northwest ISD Menus

Combo Meals Costs at Elementary, Middle

Elementary & Middle School Breakfast Combo Meal

  • Must choose 3 items, and 1 must be a fruit. A "Pick 2" entree, counts as 1 food item. 
  • Cost for pre-kindergarten, elementary and middle school students: $1.35
  • Cost for reduced-price meal program students (all grades): $0.30
  • Cost for free meal program students: Free
  • Cost for adults and/or visitors: $2.25

Elementary & Middle School Lunch Combo Meal

  • Must choose 3 of the 5 food components (food groups). A fruit, juice, or veggie must be taken. May only choose 1 entree. Entrees count as two food components: grain and meat/meat alternative. May choose up to 6 different items.
  • Cost for pre-kindergarten and elementary school students: $2.75
  • Cost for middle school students: $3.00
  • Cost for reduced-price meal program students (all grades): $0.40
  • Cost for free meal program students: Free
  • Cost for adults and/or visitors: $4.00

If your child has special dietary needs, please contact Nikki Nies, district dietitian, by phone at 817-215-0180 or email

Northwest ISD Pre-Kindergarten menus must uphold all government regulations set by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and National School Lunch Program (NSLP) regulations. Pre-Kindergarten regulations ensure menus encourage healthy portion sizes and adequate nutrition.

Our Pre-Kindergarten breakfast menus are the same as the Elementary School breakfast menu. Pre-Kindergarten lunch menus follow a different meal pattern than the Elementary School lunch menu.

Pre-Kindergarten lunch menus are different from the Elementary School menu.  Pre-Kindergarten lunch menus:

Only offer white milk.
Only offer three entrée choices.
Don’t allow students to choose their side items.
Require all fruits, veggies, and milk listed on the menu must be placed on the child’s tray.

Pre-Kindergarten lunch menus are posted at  To view the menu, go to your child’s school and click on the lunch menu.  The entire Pre-Kindergarten lunch menu is under the “Pre-K” header. 

Charging Policy

All Northwest ISD students can charge up to 5 breakfast and lunch combo meals. Adults and children not enrolled in the district are not allowed to charge.

After the charging limit has been reached, NISD students will receive a courtesy meal. A breakfast courtesy meal includes two pieces of toast with the students’ choice of milk, juice, and/or fruit. A lunch courtesy meal includes a sunflower butter & jelly sandwich with the students’ choice of milk, juice, and/or fruit.  Courtesy meals must include fruit and meet combo meals guidelines.

Parents/guardians are responsible for all their child(ren)’s meal account charges. This also applies to all meal charges accrued before getting on the free and reduced program. Go to to apply for free or reduced-price school meals.

At, parents may access their child’s meal online, view payment balances, set up low balance notifications, and apply money using Visa or MasterCard. Online payments are charged a convenience fee per transaction. All online payments take 24 hours to appear on your child’s meal account.

Meal Account Restriction Form: Parents/Guardians may place a buying restriction on their child’s meal account. Parents can limit their child’s ability to purchase snacks and/or a la carte items. Please contact our office at 817-215-0007 to place a buying restriction on your child’s account.

*Meal restrictions will stay permanently on a child’s account until a parent contacts us to remove the restriction. Please click here to complete the online form. 


Please send an email to  Please include the following information:

  • Student Name
  • Student ID, if known but not mandatory
  • Parent/Guardian Name (Name on the Refund Check)
  • Complete Mailing Address (where the check will be sent)
  • Phone number of parent if we have any questions