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Middle School Counselor Information


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First Name


Grade Level



Pierce Laura Adams     A-Dr laura.pierce@nisdtx.org 817-541-8032
Sieg Amanda Adams Ds-K amanda.sieg@nisdtx.org
Teague Tara Adams L-Ra tteague@nisdtx.org 817-541-8034
Johnson Natalie Adams Rb-Z Natalie.johnson@nisdtx.org 817-541-8033
Hays Mike Chisholm Trail A-K mhays@nisdtx.org 817-215-0604
Barksdale Cindy Chisholm Trail L-Z cindy.barksdale@nisdtx.org 817-698-1594
Aldridge Adam Pike 6th grade aaldridge@nisdtx.org 817-698-1326
Bates Stephen Pike 7th grade sbates@nisdtx.org 817-215-0405
Martin  Whitney Pike 8th grade  whitney.martin@nisdtx.org  817-698-1417
Ferrell Toni Medlin 6th Grade tferrell@nisdtx.org 817-215-0532
McCauley Noel Medlin 7th Grade nmccauley@nisdtx.org 817-215-0503
Nobles Shannon Medlin 8th Grade snobles@nisdtx.org 817-215-0504
Jardine Stefanie Tidwell 6th grade sjardine@nisdtx.org 817-698-5929
Adley Debbie Tidwell 7th grade dadley@nisdtx.org 817-698-5908
White  Becki Tidwell 8th grade bwhite@nisdtx.org 817-698-1074
Flores Allie Wilson 6th grade alexandria.flores@nisdtx.org 817-698-7956
McKinnie Kim Wilson 7th grade  kmckinnie@nisdtx.org 817-698-7905
Harris Terri Wilson 8th grade tharris@nisdtx.org 817-698-7921

Guidance and Counseling Program

The middle school counselors help students learn skills to succeed in school

and life through the guidance curriculum activities:

  • Self-esteem
  • Motivation to achieve
  • Decision-making skills
  • Goal-setting skills
  • Interpersonal effectiveness
  • Communication skills
  • Cross-cultural effectiveness
  • Responsible behavior

What do middle school counselors do?

Promote success for all students through:

  • Presentations
  • Small group counseling
  • Individual interactions
  • Crisis counseling
  • Class scheduling and schedule changes
  • Career Assessments
  • High School Transition
  • Assist teachers
  • Provide community referrals
  • Parent Education

Who sees the counselor?

  • Students
  • Parents
  • Teachers


Students may request to see the counselor, or be referred by parents, teachers, or school administrators. Parents may call to set-up an appointment


Planning for your child's future

In Northwest ISD, we believe it is important to begin planning for your child's future

at a young age. Below are some helpful links which can aid in this planning process.


Preparing for College

Helpful District Links

Helpful Community Resources

Important Dates