Drug & Alcohol Prevention
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Real Talks
October brings about the national Red Ribbon campaign (October 27-31), and therefore, guidance and activities this month are centered on being healthy and drug-free. Continuing to talk to our kids about the presence of drugs and their negative effects is imperative.  Many may think their kids will not be impacted by drugs or alcohol; however, the truth is kids of all walks of life can be influenced by these substances.  Statistics even show children are starting to use substances younger than ever, particularly between the ages of 11 and 13.  Please join our counselors and staff in the fight against drugs by engaging in “Real Talks” with your kids.

Some factors place children and teens at an even greater risk of developing drug and alcohol problems:

  • Drug or alcohol use at an early age - 90% of individuals who experience addiction started using in the teen years or prior

  • Family history of drug/alcohol problems

  • Existing mental health problems

  • Associating with friends who use drugs and alcohol

  • Traumatic events

  • Impulse control problems

There is a clear connection between adolescent drug and alcohol use and unhealthy, risky behaviors including:

  • Unprotected, unplanned, unwanted sexual activity

  • Victim or perpetrator of violence

  • Impaired motor vehicle driving/passenger

  • Poor academic performance and possibly dropping out

  • Involvement with the juvenile justice system

  • Engaging in other risky behaviors while impaired

How Parents Can Help in Preventing Drug Abuse

Your kids DO listen to you, and they DO NOT want to disappoint you!

  • Establish and maintain good communication with your children.

  • Get involved in your children’s lives.

  • Make clear rules and enforce them consistently.

  • Be a positive role model.

  • Help your children choose friends wisely.

  • Talk to your children about drugs. Kids who continue to learn about the risks of drugs at home are up to 50% less likely to use drugs than those who are not taught about these dangers.

For more information on PREVENTION:



A resource for if you think your child is using:



Other Parent Resources:





Substance Abuse Assessments and Treatment:

NISD does not endorse any of the following contacts.  They are for informational purposes only.

Excel Center – Arlington, Ft. Worth, and Lewisville

Lena Pope Home – Ft. Worth

North Texas Addiction – Ft. Worth

Phoenix House – Dallas

Right Step – Euless

Springwood – Bedford

Sundance – Arlington

Timberlawn – Dallas

University Behavioral Health – Denton

Valley Hope – Grapevine

Viveri Youth Services – Richardson