COVID Testing

NISD Plan for COVID Testing (May, 2021)

NISD will use a targeted approach by testing NISD students who are symptomatic or become symptomatic at school. The goal is to prevent the COVID virus from coming on campus and/or quickly removing the individual who might otherwise spread COVID on campus.

Priority for testing will be given in this order:

  • Employees scheduled to work who would otherwise call in sick due to COVID symptoms
  • Employees who leave work due to symptoms that start during the work day
  • Students who have been home for one or more days due to ongoing symptoms
  • Students who are sent home from school due to symptoms that develop during the school day

Not planning to test these groups at this time:

  • Anyone who is asymptomatic
  • Anyone who has tested positive in the past 90 days

Any student who gets sick at school, should go to the campus clinic to be evaluated. The campus clinic staff should continue to refer parents to existing COVID guidelines but should notify parents that the COVID testing clinic is available if they would like to have the student tested. Students and staff must still meet all existing criteria to return to school/work.

  • The guardian must schedule an appointment here using the NISD Sign-up Genius.
  • The guardian will complete the Parent Consent Form.
  • The guardian must pre-register the student at the following website: and bring a screenshot of the QR code to the testing site. If the guardian is unable to preregister, the district test administrators can help with the process at the testing appointment.

What to expect at the testing site:

  1. The guardian and student will remain in their car at the testing site and will receive further instructions from the testing administrator.
  2. The student’s QR testing code will be scanned.
  3. The guardian will sign a consent form.
  4. The student will be given a swab that will be used to swab each nostril.
  5. The sample will be collected and submitted for testing.
  6. The family will leave the testing site and will receive results via text/email within an hour.


If I test (+) positive, do I have COVID-19?
Presumptive Test: This test is only an indicator of the presence of the COVID-19 virus A formal medical evaluation and certified laboratory verification would be necessary to indicate a confirmed infection Presumptive-positive results also do not rule out bacterial infection or coinfection not related to COVID-19. Please refer to the consultation form provided by Abbott.

Does this test identify the common cold or strep throat?
No: This is a specific test for the COVID-19 virus

Can the card show a presumptive-positive before the time is up?
The result can ONLY be evaluated after 15-minutes and NO LATER Than 30- minutes after collection to determine the result

Can a faint line indicate a presumptive positive result?
Yes: Faint but still readable, results are considered to be conclusive results – positive or negative Inconclusive results will include the blue control line not changing, only the sample line is displayed, or no line displayed at all The test is to be re-taken and the test administrator notified of the inconclusive result

How are test results shared with the individual being tested?
As part of the test registration process, the individual phone number and email address are entered into Once the test results are put in the system by the test administrator, a text message and email are autogenerated to notify the individual. There is no auto-generated report to let the school system know who and when someone tested positive. Test administrators will also have access to this information as they are inputting the test results and should work with their school system test coordinator to determine if an additional process is needed.